Sunday, 11 November 2007

The first cockroach of summer…

I just discovered the first mutant, big arsed cockroach of summer. These big buggers fly in open windows all summer long in sub tropical Brisbane. Normal pest control does not kill them. They are like the kamikaze of the bug world. They fly in, annoy the hell our of you and then die as you drown them in bug spray. I don’t know if they are just stupid or cunning. Summer officially starts 1st December in Oz. looks like they’re early…annoying bastards.

I am back from the wilds of the country. I survived. I am not a country person. While I love Australia from the desert to the sea, I need to live in the city. I need cement under my feet and the comfort of neon signs. I can look at country type scenery for so long – that’s a cow, a tractor, a wheat field…where’s the shopping centre? Am I shallow? Possibly. I think it’s just more that I know where I am comfortable. I insist on mod cons. I like to be able to get in the car and in ten minutes flat be home with a take away and a bottle of plonk in my hand. I like having the post office, ATM and supermarket four streets away. I am Amarinda of the City.

I am displaying some fine bruises on my knees and elbows. Too much praying your ask? Um, no. Something wildly exciting that required me to be in that position like…um, being on the floor arse up and – er - scrubbing? Nah. I fell out of bed. Last night I had to sleep in a single bed. I cannot sleep in single beds. I am a very messy sleeper. A male, now acquaintance, once called me a ‘human thrashing machine’ to sleep with. Hmmm…some men just chicken out easily I believe and therefore they sleep alone. Anyway, I probably can kill when I am asleep as I do roll, and thrash and apparently punch in my sleep. When you try to do all that in a single bed you naturally fall out.

Kelly Kirch…I shake my head at you Grasshopper. You would have noticed her half arsed map of the world on her blog yesterday? She cut Australia in two!!! I am in the process of making her feel real bad about that – it’s the least a friend can do. I have supplied two maps for my blog today. One of Australia and one of the most important part of Australia – Queensland. No, I am not parochial, I just know where the best places are.

Wise, zen-like Anny Cook is making us all jealous on with her blog. Her husband cleans!!! I don’t want a husband but a man who cleans and maybe leaves a fabulously cooked meal in the microwave just before he leaves to go to the Bat Cave for the evening would be excellent in my eyes.

Mysterious, brooding, chef wanted to clean, cook and piss off once everything is done…yes, that would work

The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month
November is poppy month, the time of the year when we wear ared poppy in memory of those who laid down their lives for our sakes.

Remember to wear your poppy with pride.

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Anny Cook said...

Sigh. Alex is so yummy. I could just look at the fella all day. The book was excellent, too!

Nice maps! Now I know exactly where you are.

I'm with you on the twin bed. Especially when you're used to sleeping in a bigger space. Smaller ones are a complete pain in the butt. I'm used to sprawling out all over the bed.

Glad you made it home with a safe trip. We missed ya!

Kelly Kirch said...

I have a king size bed, but it's mostly mine. I give Scott about a foot and a half max. Unfortunately, he flexes his toes in his sleep and tickles the bottom of my soles. ARGH! 3am leaping to awareness makes me wanna kick something.

At least my map got the important countries in. I only deigned to provide a partial glimpse of Oz. Lamentably, BrisVegas is on the other, missing, coastline. The fault of Queenslanders everywhere. I don't take responisibility for where you settled. Well, that and blogger for chopping my map repeatedly...

And here I thought your bruises were from an outdoors camping adventure like the opener for the Goddess Grind.

Anny Cook said...

Camping? AJ? Bite your tongue.

Amarinda Jones said...

Urgh...camping...puke, spew...and blaming Queenslanders for anything is a sign of jealousy in our fabulous lifestyle so I will forgive your madness as you know not what you say in your envy

Hmm...your fixation on Alex tell me a lot about you Anny

Molly Daniels said...

I figured it was more research as well...

I too have a king-sized bed, and since hubby only sleeps with me on the weekends now, I've discovered I'm all over the place. Don't know how I'd survive a twin bed:)

Anny Cook said...

PS!! In Houston, we called those mutant roaches "tree roaches" and they loved to invade in the rainy season. Ugh.

Anny Cook said...

What, that I secretly lust after biker dudes?

Amarinda Jones said...

More like battle scarred warriorers from another dimension

barbara huffert said...

Camping is a hotel without room service.