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Moments in time...

A moment in Australian history…The Eureka Stockade

"We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties."

This the Eureka Flag. It is based on the Southern Cross – the constellation of stars the most Aussies and Kiwis consider their own. This flag came about during a turbulent time in Australian history. In the 1850’s gold was discovered in the Victorian goldfields. People came from all over the world to strike it rich. However, they were pissed off and when the Colonial Government of the time introduced crippling mining fees and enforced them any way they had to. In November 1854, the gold diggers formed a united front and stood up for their rights. Their guiding principle -"That is it the inalienable right of every citizen to have a voice in making the laws that he is called on to obey, that taxation without representation is tyranny."

The Southern Cross flag or Eureka Flag became a symbol of their struggle. In an act of defiance, the diggers burned their licences and, under the leadership of a young Irishman, Peter Lalor erected barricades to form what would become the Eureka Stockade.

Naturally the authorities weren’t happy that a bunch of militant nobodies decided to take them on. They had troops march on the Stockade and after a battle, the diggers lost. But the thing is they lost that battle but won their war eventually. Peter Lalor went on to parliament and to fight for the laws he believed in. The Eureka Stockade was a "short-lived revolution that became a lasting symbol of the struggle against injustice and oppression and a defining moment in the creation of the Australian spirit.”

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A moment in Present Day Australian history…

The Government got rolled last night. We have a new Government and a new Prime Minister called Kevin. He’s a Queenslander so naturally he will be excellent. The outgoing Prime Minister lost his seat. This is historic as no sitting Prime Minister has lost their seat since 1929. Why was there such a dramatic change of Government? Because people were pissed off. Work Choices (a brutal crackdown on workers rights) Interest rates (a government who foolishly swore blind they would not rise) and climate change (a government with 1950’s thinking when it came to change) were the reasons. People just said enough. You cannot piss people around when it comes to their lifestyles or money. The current mob had been in there for 11 years. It is my view that we had to change or stagnate. Will the current government by any better? Who knows? But they will abolish Work Choices and they will sign the Kyoto Protocol to reduce Greenhouse emissions. That’s a start.

So off politics for the moment. Trivia - did you know -

- The Guinness Books of Records holds the record for being the most stolen book from public libraries?
- The Bullfrog is the only animal that never sleeps.
- Every year the Moon moves a further 3.82cm from the Earth.
- The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows.

- On average on four year old child asks 437 questions a day
- And Elephants are the only animals that cannot jump.

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Servant of Magic - The Blurb - The Five of Wands in the Torrid Tarot Series

When Cori of the island of Kethris joins in the priestesses’ ceremony to summon the fading magic, it manifests itself to her as a phantom lover. Certain this is a sign that Cori can steal back the island’s Heartstone, the source of the magic, from the conquering kingdom of Ederian, her island’s leaders send her to the mainland where the new king must soon choose his queen. But treachery lurks in the King Anders’ fortress. In order to save her island, her people, the man she has come to love—and even her own life—Cori must risk all to become a true Servant of Magic.


Warning – this is an adult excerpt.

The reflected flickerings of the oil lamp danced in the depths of his eyes adding amber highlights to the dark brown. His fingers brushed across her cheek, along her jaw, and she lifted her head as his mouth came down to brush across her lips as lightly as a butterfly, then again with a gentle pressure that tantalized and teased. Her hand crept to the stubble on his cheek then slid around to tangle itself in the thick mane of his hair.
“What would you recommend?” Her words came out barely above a whisper.
He regarded her with the slightest of frowns, considering. “Something fresh,” he decided. “Something fun.” He checked the labels on the jars and his grin broadened. “Ever try foam?”
“What do you do with it?”
For an answer he removed the stopper from the container and dipped in one finger to scoop out a little of what looked like a white lotion. He rubbed this against his thumb and to her surprise she watched it froth and expand.
“Want to taste it?” He held it out to her.
“It’s edible?” She reached out with her finger, uncertain.
He pulled his hand back. “Not like that. With your tongue.”
He wanted her to lick his fingers? Possibly to take them into her mouth and suck on them? The image, the sensation, conjured in her mind made her knees weak with her sudden longing. She took a step closer.
He smeared the creamy froth over his nipples. “Taste it.” His deep voice took on a huskiness that sent a shiver through her. A challenge glinted in his eyes.
Just what had they done last night? She felt her tongue pushing between her parted teeth, her body responding before her mind caught up with it. To the hells with her mind. Her body had the right idea. And she’d never been one to resist a challenge. She leaned forward and allowed her tongue to slide around the outer edge of his areola. The cream melted in her mouth leaving a faint trace of strawberry.
“You can do better than that.” His voice was soft, tantalizing, encouraging.
Yes she could. She could do much better. She circled the tip with her tongue then closed her teeth over it, tugging as she sucked away the last of the strawberry froth. She did the same to his other nipple then straightened, meeting his burning gaze squarely.
“Like it?” he asked.
“Quite a taste…sensation.”
That slow devilish grin sparkled in his eyes. “It comes in various flavors.”
“Whatever you recommend.”
“I recommend,” he said softly, “we breakfast on it. And that filmy thing you’re wearing isn’t on our menu.”
“This?” She pulled the chiton over her head and tossed it aside. “I’d hate to be too formally dressed.”
His gaze roamed over her and she held her breath. Did he like what he saw? He’d barely glanced at her body yesterday when she’d stood before him naked when he chose his queen. Then he’d looked only at her eyes. Now his gaze burned her breasts, dwelled on the swell of her hips, caressed her mound. Only she wanted a more substantial touch. She wanted his hands running over her body, that stout shaft of his pounding in her hot moist depths.

He scooped more of the strawberry cream into his hands, rubbed them together then began spreading the froth over her breasts. “What are you waiting for?” He nodded toward the pot.
She drew out a small amount. It felt soft, slippery, cool. She rubbed it between her fingers and it seemed to explode into millions of tiny creamy bubbles, delighting her. As she dabbed a bit in the hollow at the base of his throat his thumbs found the tips of her nipples and rotated them. Her gasp turned into a moan as he smeared more of the light slick stuff over them. Holding her gaze he traced lines and spirals along her stomach then frothed her mound.
As he coated her clit and cleft she had to force herself to focus on her own handiwork, on the cream she spread along the muscles that defined his chest and stomach. Along the network of pale lines of old scars. This was no soft and pampered king but a warrior, a man of strength and vitality. And soon they would wage their own form of attack and counterattack and ultimately surrender.
It was getting harder and harder to think. She wanted so badly for him to fuck her she ached with it. And still she continued with the cream, lower to his bush until she was confronted with her most obvious and awe inspiring of all his target spots. Would he want her to lick it from his engorged penis? From his balls? She hoped so.
“Go ahead.” His deep voice held a resonance, a timbre of his arousal.
She smoothed it up that thick shaft, taking delight in its quivering response to her touch. This was a magic all its own that she worked. No. That they worked together. The response of her own body matched his.
She ran the tip of her creamed finger along the darkened head of his cock, wondering at it, delighting in it, longing to feel the strength and power she sensed in it unleashed inside her. Oh gods how she wanted that. She stooped and slathered his balls, spreading it across his inner thighs.
He caught her hands and brought her erect.
“What do we do now?” she whispered.
“Into the pool.” He descended the first marble step then the second.
The oval could easily hold four people. He extended a hand to her and she took it, following him. When she stood beside him on the bottom he lowered himself until he lay full length, his long legs extended.
“Come down.” The huskiness deepened his voice even more.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Anny Cook said...

Hot, sexy excerpt! Go Elyssa!

Amarinda, that was an excellent explanation about your elections! I also like how you tied it in the story. Sounds like your countrymen have spoken loud and clear.

Kelly Kirch said...

Do you have bulldog ants in Brisbane? I watched something last night simply because it was about Australia and it said you had them. They are horrible. Especially the Jack Jumper in the south. Guess that's something H has to deal with. One bite from the Jack Jumper can kill you. I hate ants.

Molly Daniels said...

Great excerpt! And I have to wait a week before finding out the outcome? You really know how to torture a person...

Sandra Cox said...

Excellent blog, Amarinda.