Sunday, 9 March 2008

Don’t sleep in a subway darling….

Things we’re not supposed to do…

-don’t pull a face as the wind will change and you’ll stay that way
So if you continually pull faces and the wind continually changes, you could have a new look all the time. That's better than a makeover.
- Don’t speak your mind to those in authority or disagree with the general consensus
Yep, this is dangerous but very liberating. Try it.
- Don’t eat dessert first as you’ll spoil the main course
I think if you are calorie counting (boring) and you look at the dessert then the main and the dessert is more appealing then I say use the calorie count on the dessert
- Don’t drink, swear, smoke etc
Any thing to excess will kill you – not sure about swearing though unless you swear at the wrong people – anyway I think everyone should have a least one vice as it makes us human – Amarinda philosophy only.
- Don’t throw the job in, the man away etc as it/he may never come again
No, it/he may not but is there any point doing something you hate or being with someone you don’t like because you are scared of taking a risk?
- Don’t ask – wait until someone offers.
What if you’re never offered what you want? I believe in asking politely first as people are usually as so amazed they will give you whatever it is.
- Don’t be an individual in a group situation – be part of the team
If I hear one more there is no ‘I’ in team speech I will puke. As I have said before if I made up the English language I would have put an ‘I’ in team. The sheep mentality is overrated.
- Don’t lie
I think this depends on the situation. Arse saving – yours or a friend’s – lies are okay.
- Don’t have sex on the first date
Now, I’m not telling you to or not to – that’s up to the individual – but who comes up with these rules?
- Don’t waste you time writing e-books – write a real book.
Someone told me I should write a 600 page proper book. I said they should they should climb Mt Everest. They said they did not want to. I said exactly.

What rules don’t you follow? What rules to you go out of your way to break? I’m not advocating total anarchy but do you always follow the rules?


Okay, no surprise - I would like to see Hillary Clinton as President of the USA. I watched this kick arse speech she gave the other night about oil prices. Confidence is everything. We need more Hillarys for women to be inspired by. Agree or disagree as you will but I admire the woman.

Mea Culpa

Quote - People are ‘who’ and not ‘that’ -- my editor
I have to repeat this 100 times. I am such a nuisance – and don’t get me started on my formatting technique. All I will say it sucks badly and my editor wants me to do penance by not eating Tim Tams. I have promised, of course, no Tims Tams will touch my lips. I’ll just swallow them whole. But really, I have no idea how editors put the airy fairy, half-arsed writing of their emotional writers into any form or shape at all without copious amounts of gin. I think I may have given my editor concussion last night as I know she was banging her head on the desk at my inability to ‘get’ formatting. Thank you H for persevering.

Anny is putting her characters under the microscope once more on Kelly will no doubt have some dazzling quote for us all to ponder on

I leave you with this peak from Silverhills by Sandra Cox. It is a damn good book. Check it out by clicking on the link below

A stubble-faced cowboy looked at the horse and then its young rider. He spit a brown stream of tobacco out of the corner of his mouth and guffawed, “Why, it ain’t nothing but a damn kid. Hey, sonny,” he bellowed, “better get off that stallion before you fall off. That’s a man’s horse if I ever saw one. Let a man show you how to ride him.”
The drover swaggered towards the stallion then took a hasty step back as Alexandria drew her six-gun. A loud click sounded as she pulled back the trigger. “I wouldn’t, mister.” Her voice was low and husky like that of the boy she was dressed to resemble in her four-button brown shirt and Duckins.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


E. Lee said...

lol you have a grea blog, nice layout!

I agree about not eating dessert first though.I think it's kinda gross. And about not writing an e-book-people already make enough excuses not to pick up a real book

Amarinda Jones said...

Thanks for stopping by Elaine...I am off to have a squiz at your blog

Anonymous said...

Don't drink?? Gee. I wish you'd imparted this little piece of wisdom last night!

Anny Cook said...

Don't put sex in the's naughty.

Don't stay up late.

Get dressed every day.

Don't eat dessert.

Hmmm. Maybe I should go back to bed in the middle of the day. Sounds like fun, right?

barbara huffert said...

There's no 'I' in leader either but all teams require one.

Georgie Lee said...

Love the advice. A friend of mine once pointed out that there may be no "I" in team but you can certainly create a "me" in team.

Kelly Kirch said...

Okay, I have to say it, I'm a fan of the zombie bunnies and the "call" holding secretary. *snarf*

I have Silverhills on my hard drive. I'm holding it over my head to finish my edits before I read it but am most excited. I have To Love a Hero in there too. So many books, so little time.

Sandra Cox said...

Ooh, Kelly. That's nice to hear. Thank you.
Ms. Amarinda thanks for the plug. I guess there's some benefits to running late. grin. I liked the e and Mt Everest analogy.
I vacillate between Hillary and Obama. This week its Hillary.
As always, fascinating blog.

Jacquéline_Roth said...

Hilary. Her biggest crime was not being who the powers that be said she should be. She wasn't a pretty, happy little homemaker or a woman who said all the right things to all the right people. The day she told Lady's Home Journal that she didn't have a favorite cookie recipe because she too was busy running a successful law practice to bake cookies for Chelsea's school bake sale was the day the old guard decided to dislike her. I like her, but unfortunately, she's not electable.

I break rules all the time. "You can't marry someone 12 years younger than you!" "You can't leave your family and move 600 miles away when you don't have a job, a house, or anything to go to." And I've done the quit my job when I didn't have one to go to too.

Amarinda Jones said...

You are so right Jae - people don't like women who speak their mind. But I hope like hell enough smart women out there vote for her