Monday, 10 March 2008

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Shades of Gray review

In a market packed with vampire novels, Amarinda Jones carves out a unique spot with Shades of Gray. She has created a world with a range of vampires from those reveling in death and sex to those trying to live a normal life. Toss in an illusion casting witch who’s in love with a vampire that isn’t quite ready to give up blood, an ancient enemy and hold on for the ride. While the novel starts like too many vampire erotic romances it quickly sheds its skin and becomes a completely absorbing story that carries you along for the ride.
As a reader I love vampire stories – but hold them to a high standard. The standard set by Marjorie M. Liu in A Taste of Crimson, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro in the St. Germain Chronicles, and by Bram Stocker in Dracula. I’m pleased to find an author who takes the vampire mythos, spins it on its ear and creates a new and fascinating twist.
Shades of Gray is a must read for vampire lovers and a to be read for those that like a story where the sex is hot but the plot is strong.

Whew! I am relieved people like Shades of Gray. I will admit I was a little concerned as I know people who love the Vampire genre have high standards. So thanks to everyone who read Shades of Gray or reviewed it or sent me an email to tell me you liked it. I appreciate it.

Swift of Heart got a 4 and a half out of 5 from the Romantic Times. I haven’t been able to read the review yet but I appreciate the stars. Thanks RT.

Eerie Stuff

I was out walking this morning, as I do in the name of burning up calories to fit more in, when I felt someone was walking very close behind me. It was early morning, still a bit dark but I am not the shrinking violet sort, so I fisted the stick I carried and got ready to use it. I swung around to find no one there. Spooky. It felt like someone was there. I kept walking and I still felt the presence. Anyway, as me and the presence sauntered along, I told myself it was because I am writing a ghost book at the moment but I know stuff like this happens to people all the time.

No, I’m not about to get all mystical but it reminded me of a horrible time in my life several years ago (no sympathy, it’s not about that) when my brother drowned. My father and I stumbled to the river as you do looking for answers or something. The wind was blowing a gale and it was cold and miserable as you would expect on a horrible day in your life. I was dressed in something completely inappropriate as I always seem to be when these things happen in my life and my skirt was flying up all over the place. I looked behind me at the river bank. There was a man’s blue handkerchief spread out perfectly flat on the grass. It was not moving in the wind, despite everything else blowing away up and around it. It remained flat and still. I recognized it was my brothers. How? I had bought a bundle of these particularly ugly looking handkerchiefs just before he went into hospital. They were the only ones I could get on short notice and they had 'Good day’ written in the corner. Never seen them since. I walked over and looked at it. It occurred to me that this was a sign – maybe a farewell or maybe something to indicate he was at peace – who knows but it was important to me. Yes, I still have the handkerchief.

No, I’m not out to depress people. Things happen as they do for a reason - sometimes the reason sucks but that's life. So tell me, what eerie moments or signs have you have in your life? Have you felt someone near you but no one was there? Have you received a sign that only you would recognize? Or if you think it’s all a load of crap feel free to tell me. All opinions are welcomed.

From the Cover Gods…

Below is my excellent new cover for Anyone But You. Once again I pay homage to the Cover Gods at Ellora’s Cave – may champagne pour forth like water from your taps…hmm…that would be very nice. What’s Aynone But You about? Check out the – unedited -blurb below.

Verity Kane is normally a calm, efficient worker. Normally nothing upsets her. However in the last six months her patience has been tried dealing with her charming playboy boss, Mercardo Gentry. When she walks in on him having sex with a woman on his desk, she has had enough. It’s about time Mercardo learnt a lesson and she’s the woman to do it.

Mercardo Gentry fell in love with Verity Kane six months ago. He would like nothing more than to get to know her but the lady is most definitely not interested. Can he really be blamed for reading her private diary when he comes across it by accident? When he reads that her most intimate fantasies revolve around him, Mercardo decides to seduce Verity with her own thoughts.

Verity is amazed and aroused that the playboy understands her needs so well. But falling in love with a playboy is not something she counted on. Leaving her job is easy, forgetting Mercardo is impossible.

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Sandra Cox said...

Yee Haw, great reviews!!!!! You go girl.
Who do you think was walking beside you?

Dakota Rebel said...

What a beautiful cover AJ. You have been lucky with your covers, they are always so pretty.

Congrats on the reviews.


Molly Daniels said...

Hot cover! And I told you I enjoyed Swift of I'm with RT on this one. Keep up the good work...the great reviews just keep rolling in for you:)

Anny Cook said...

Wow! Great reviews. I loved both books so I'm not at all surprised. Keep them coming.

You always get the most beautiful covers. This one is lovely.

Kelly Kirch said...

Okay, I confess to an oddity. When I see explicit pictures or cover (in this case) I do a modesty screen. I look at it and get the idea but don't SEE all of it before I glance away again. I actually looooooked at the cover today and it looks like he's taking her from behind when the photo was taken... and she ain't complaining. But really, who would? Now really looking at it (and I liked it before) it's a HOT cover. Very delicious and oh so sensuous. OH! And I just noticed a pen sitting in the open diary. LOL! Certainly not where my attention drifted.

Can't wait to LOOK at and SEE your next cover, AJ.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Gorgeous cover and great review!!

As for the spooky, I've been cuffed across the back of the head before when no one was there. I'm positive it was my Grandma as she was the only person who used to do that.

Mona Risk said...

Well deserved review, AJ. Your Swift of Heart has a special place in my heart. It's the first eBook I ever read. It gave me a good taste of eBooks. Many more followed.
I agree with Kelly. The book cover of Anyone But You is gorgeous. But when I focus on the lower right hand side I also thought they were interestingly occupied. It may attract even more sales.

barbara huffert said...

I was going home from work one day and saw a double rainbow. I looked on the corner and there was my friend, Sandy. She's since passed away but I know every time there's a double rainbow it's her saying hi.

Mona Risk said...

Amarinda, I just added a comment on your post about Women's Day.

Jacquéline_Roth said...

I do think the cover gods do the sexiest covers for you. Not just racy, but very sensual and very sexy.

Anonymous said...

Awesome cover Amarinda and a great review. You must be mighty chuffed :D. I'm so jealous, 'cause I certainly can't find stock like this .. well, not ones that I can afford anyway :(

Now as for strange occurrences. Not much to report I'm afraid. I know when we went looking for my g-granparents grave we had absolutely no idea where to start looking in this little country graveyard. I said a little something, like 'Okay, where are you'. I spotted an old tree and walked straight towards it and sure enough. There they were. Freaky!

Then at another cemetary (yeah, I know) I was saying to mum, 'Wouldn't it be funny if there was a face on one of the gravestones' and then sure enough the next gravestone we had a look at had an image that could be easily made out from the moss and weathering. It even had hands, like it was clinging to something and on the Epitaph it said something about clinging to the cross. I have a photo somewhere. I really should try and dig it out.

Georgie Lee said...

Your covers are so sexy. I really like the one for "Shades of Gray".