Sunday, 2 March 2008

Slow Sunday….

So, I wish had something exciting to tell you but it’s been a slow old Sunday in the burbs of Brizzie. The highlight was finding my old Promptel (code name for crap phone company) 10 year, long service, framed certificate shoved under a box when I was having a manic chuck-out-useless-stuff moment. I find these manic chuck out phases very cathartic because everything that I have not used in the last year or so gets sent off to goodwill, so someone else will buy it and then not use it themselves for a year. Anyway, I looked at the certificate and thought why have I kept this? There is also a really ugly pendant with my name engraved on it that went with the certificate but Murphy, my big, snail riding cement garden gnome has that around his neck. I think it makes him look jaunty. He can carry off the ugliness of the pendant. So, the certificate – why did I keep it? Was it pride in knowing that the company thought enough of me to give me the certificate and the pendant? Yeah, right. Was it because it reminds me of the crap times endured there? No, one moves on. Was it the really nice frame it was in? Bingo. Did I hang it up on the wall
feeling all nostalgic? No Idon’t even hang my Bachelor of Arts degree up on the wall because it’s just bit of paper. When I set out to do that degree many moons ago I thought it would be important. It’s not – not to me. Yes, education is always worthwhile but in my opinion all the fancy-arsed degrees in the world don’t make you any better than anyone else.

I have to write a synopsis after I finish this blog. Why? Well the good news is I got offered a contract from my editor for Tantalizing Tilly. Bad news is I have to sit down and summarize the highlights of the book. Yeah, maybe it doesn’t sound hard but many writers have trouble putting the essence of the book into a short, encapsulated form. I’ll be honest, I suck at it. I can write 50,000 words but a synopsis requires much more effort. Not only to you have to make it brief, to the point and make it understandable, you have to make sure there are no typos in it. I am the queen of typos. My mind works faster than my fingers and the two have trouble keeping it together. I once had a typing instructor say that I
had a really ‘ugly typing style.’ This wounded me deeply – not. Like I gave a rats if I type ‘ugly.’ The point is it gets done. I emailed my editor and promised the synopsis will be typo free when she receives it. Possibly that email lacked credibility as there was a nice big typo in it. Oh dear…I swear on a wine bottle it will be typo free.

Today, I realized I had not combed my hair in three days. I have a tendency when I am in a rush to go somewhere or do something to scrape my shoulder length up into a half arsed knot thing on my head. It actually looks pretty good as it has that untamed, wild look about it. Only problem is it gets as knotty as hell and I curse myself for being such a slack arse and yet I’ll continue to do it because I can. So tell me, what things to you skip doing when you’re in a rush or are you all too neat and tidy?

All the devoted Aussie Armitage Army people know Robin Hood is on tonight at 7:30pm on the ABC in OZ. I have put a picture of Richard Armitage on for the troops. I speak to no one during this period as I will be ogling Sir Guy. Ring me and one of my Grandma Elsie’s Irish curses will spring forth from my lips and it will not be my fault if you turn into a pumpkin. Most people understand this potential curse thing and wait until 8:30 to ring. On the whole most people who know me are very well trained. It’s taken me years to get them to that stage.

My Last Dark Day – Barbara Huffert

I am not a big fan of submissive type books. I generally want to slap the hero for the macho crap he is going on with and tell the heroine to wake up to herself. That’s just my personality, so although I did want to slap the hero in My Last Dark Day, I actually found the story impressive. Why? It’s a very deeply emotional and complex book on so many levels. No, I’m not going to tell you why because you should go and buy this book and find out yourself. All I will say is I went from wondering what the hell was wrong with the heroine to liking her because of and despite her flaws. Well done B. Click on the cover to buy.

Author and honorary Aussie Sandra Cox – I am teaching her to speak the lingo - has a great new contest - check it out and enter to win a great prize.

Anny is talking about how dragons have difficulty buying condoms to fit on while Kelly is discussing either man’s inhumanity to man or how to balance a pen on her nose on
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm ... what do I skip. Usually a shower LOL! I'm lazy and am usually chomping at the bit to get to the computer so sometimes I just say 'Stuff it! I'll forgo the shower today'. Of course these are the days that I am not setting foot out of the house :D

Showering is such a chore for me. I've usually got a bazillion other things I want to be doing. Maybe it's because it's the only time I actually get time to slow down and think straight! Those are also the times that I have all those lightbulb moments. I so need a pen and paper in the shower.

I'm also one of those unlucky people with fine hair. So if I go without washing it for one day, it goes all lank and greasy. Ick! I guess I should be thankful for my horrid hair, otherwise I'd probably shower even less. ;) LOL!

Kelly Kirch said...

Makeup. I skip makeup a lot of the time. It's tedious to put on and takes too much time. I decide at least I am clean, teeth brushed, dressed and put together, my face paint is a bonus and they weren't lucky enough to see it.

Pen balancing is an art form, I'll have you know.

barbara huffert said...

Thanks, AJ. Your opinion means much to me.

Please post a pic of Murphy in his finery sometime.

My hair is short and curly so it looks the same combed or not and I gave up on makeup years ago so the one thing I can do when rushing out the door is wear my Crocs that don't need tying. Also I skip all household chores except feeding my cats and scooping the litter box.

Anny Cook said...

PS I LOVE the cover for Marlow's Curse!

Not as much as Last Man Standing, but almost!

Anny Cook said...

Once again my first comment went out into cyberspace. Somewhere, there are giant blue aliens collecting my comments. Sigh. Now I forget what I said. Nothing profound.

Molly Daniels said...

Since my shower is in the middle of a cold basement, I only shower every other day...unless I get distracted in the morning of shower day and push it until the afternoon.

Makeup? What is...oh yeah...I think I wore it back in November...or maybe not! I know I wore it 4 years ago...

I have been known to drive my children to school wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt over my pjs...does that count?

Anonymous said...

LOL! Oh yeah, I forgot about the whole makeup routine. Mascara. That's it for me. Can't stand the feel of foundation on my skin.

Sandra Cox said...

YAY, I'm an honorary, Aussie!!!! OoRoooooo, this is my word of the month:) I picture a kangaroo hopping everytime I say it. Maybe it has something to do with Poo and Roo????