Saturday, 29 March 2008

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Hint of the day -- don’t put furniture together at 4am in the morning because you can’t sleep. I ended up with 4 washers and 3 screws leftover. Probably just spares I guess…I hope…ah, who knows…

Well that’s just wrong…

Kevin Rudd, George W Bush have Oval Office talks on Iraq

Mr Rudd returned the favour by making the President an honorary Queenslander, but came close to overstepping the mark when he mentioned the sunshine state was bigger than the President's beloved home of Texas.,22049,23450291-5001021,00.html

An honorary Queenslander? As a Queenslander, I’m not happy with this proclamation declaring him as one of us. We have enough crazy people of our own without adding to count. And yes, Queensland is bigger than Texas. I have been to Texas. It’s an excellent part of the world but naturally, unlike Kev, I will overstep the mark.

Speaking of overstepping…

a moment to vent…what do you do when you tell someone something privately, but they then tell other people that private stuff that they have no right to say about you? The person in question may see it as a trivial thing to mention so they do. But the thing is it’s not up to them to make announcements on your behalf. You, as tit for tat, could do the same to them however you know that something told in private is just that – and that you hold more respect for the person than to do that. So, do you get annoyed, especially if they have done similar before? Have it out with the person? Or think before you tell them anything in future? Just how private should info between people, you view as friends, be do you reckon? And yeah…I’m mad but I’m a little wiser and more cautious.

Clean it up…

I was walking through the shopping centre car park last night and there was this woman and her kids getting into a car. Normally this would not have caught my attention. The thing that did was that the woman was swearing non stop at the kids. It was f&*$king do that and f&*$king do that you little f&*$kers. Yes, I do swear but I am careful when I do. I would never swear in front of kids. Yeah, I know they hear it on TV, at school etc - however I believe an adult should have more sense. Sure they’re her kids but how are these kids going to grow up? As trashy as her? Is their self esteem low because they called you little f&*$kers? Anyway, I slowed down with my shopping bags and gave her the death stare and she got embarrassed because clearly she knew I had heard her abusive language. I have no doubt she continued swearing after I passed by. To my mind, some people, like this woman, have absolutely no class whatsoever.

Fillet me…

I overheard this woman carrying on like a pork chop (going mad) that McDonalds Fillet o’ fish no longer has a full slice of cheese on it. And? How is this a Greek tragedy that needs to be wailed about? She was quite upset. The thing is I used to work at McDonalds as a teenager after school and on the weekend. I happen to know that even back then a Fillet o’ fish only ever had half a piece of cheese on it. I know this because I used to pick up mega shifts and extra dollars working the harder stations – ie.- not front counter – like the grill and the chicken and fish area. I made sooooo many fillet o’ fish that I stopped thinking of them as food. They were just things that had to be produced on a mass basis. So why am I waffling on about this you ask? I just wonder why you would actually care whether it was a full or a half slice of cheese? I don’t know why you would even look. I asked the woman that. “Someone told me, so I looked. I feel cheated.” Yes, we have world poverty, disease and greenhouse gas problems yet she feels cheated over cheese. She also said she would ‘never eat one again’…score one for the fish.

Rose Quartz – by Sandra Cox out now through Cerridwen Press – click and the cover and buy it. It’s a hell of a read.
The restroom was clean but had seen better days. There were two steel-gray partitioned stalls for privacy and a couple of sinks with a wide mirror over them. Water plopped from a leaky faucet, leaving a mineral buildup in the basin.
The young women stood at the washbasin, giggling. The blonde looked to be about five-four. Bella shrugged. She was five-five. Close enough.
Bella walked up and reached for a brown paper towel. “Hello, ladies.”
“’Lo,” the blonde muttered. The other young woman ignored her.
“How would you each like to make a quick fifty bucks?” Bella dry-washed her hands with the paper towel, wadded it up and tossed it in the trash.
“We aren’t pushers,” the blonde spoke up.
“Or hookers,” her companion added.
“I’m glad to hear that.” Resting her hip against the counter, Bella spoke to the blonde. “I just want to exchange clothes with you.”
The blonde looked at Bella’s expensive silk blouse and fitted beige skirt and rolled her eyes. “Sorry but that’s so not my style.” She turned back to her friend.
“Listen, girls, you’d be doing me a huge favor,” she improvised. “My ex is waiting for me outside the diner. I’ve broken it off but he won’t take no for an answer. I’ve got a date and I don’t want him showing up and ruining things for me.”
It worked like a charm. The girls were all sympathy, their eyes alight with adventure. The blonde nodded her head vigorously, her thin hair falling in her face. “Been there. Done that. They just can’t take no for an answer.” She slipped the long-sleeved, tie-dyed tee over her head.
“Men,” the brunette added.
The women swapped outfits. Bella stuffed herself into jeans she couldn’t quite zip up and a tie-dyed tee that fit her like a second skin. She’d be lucky if she didn’t get picked up for hooking.
Handing the girls each fifty dollars, she made a point to hold the young blonde’s hand for a moment as she placed the money in it and thanked her. Energy sizzled down her arm and out her fingertips. The transformation was instantaneous. The young blonde’s thin lank hair became full and shiny, her skin luminescent and her lips moist and ripe.
Her friend stared. “Wow. I’m going to have to start going for the middle-aged look. You look fabulous.”

Anny is talking about chatting on her blog and Kelly has an interview with a reader. Please make sure to check them out.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Ah yes, even with friends you must unfortunately watch what you say at times. I'm sure in my lifetime I have made someone feel betrayed, always unintentionally. Sometimes you speak without thinking just because you're happy for them and proud of them. Thoughtless, yes but hopefully forgivable.

Hey if GW's a Queenslander that means you're free to wander about the White House at will. Come on over and take me along. I'd love to sit in on that conversation!

Anny Cook said...

Yeah, sometimes it's that way. I would never purposely reveal something, but I can see how something could be shared through a desire to share your happiness for that person.

As for the filet o' fish... you're absolutely correct. Back when I was making them (even before you were!) it was only half a piece.

Anika Hamilton said...

Friends speaking out of turn...When a friend has 'betrayed' my trust for the umpteenth time, I am more cautious about what I tell them. Unfortunately, I never learn my lesson quickly enough.

Swearing at children...The abuse is not limited to swearing. I know someone who constantly shouts at her child. Even I cringe at the sound.

Fillet 0'fish...Given half the chance people will argue about anything.

Kelly Kirch said...

Hmmm. I've spilled something before out of my pleasure for that person. Never anything I suspected was private as I wouldn't intentionally betray a confidence. However, mistakes happen and it is not for me to judge what someone deems personal info. It's happened to me before so I can understand why overstepping would make you wary. Hope the poor sap apologized to you.

Hate filet o fish. Never liked them. And GW? Nah. Don't understand honorary doctorates either. They didn't work for it/weren't born to it, so why? What's the point.

Anonymous said...

As a rule I tend not to pass on information to other people. I usually leave that to the person themselves. I do understand how it can happen though so I would just make the person aware that you are disappointed that they've blabbed and just be a little more wary in the future.

As for the swearing. Yeah, I have to admit that I swear way too much and apparently while the kids are around. Hence the reason my dear son is now saying 'For F's sake!'. It just rolls off the tongue so easily but there is no excuse for it and I am trying to curb my tongue. I just get so frustrated that at times I don't realise that I'm doing it.

LynTaylor said...

Oh, and I thoroughly enjoy all your different topics in one post. Makes for interesting reading.

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks for hosting me, Amarinda!
Much appreciated:)