Saturday, 15 March 2008

Meh Saturday...

In the last hour I just got an email from someone I used to know a long time ago. Apparently he had put my name into Google and found me. Good old Google huh? You can find criminals, school mates and ex-loves. Anyway, once many moons ago, I fancied myself in love with him. Maybe, I was, maybe I wasn’t – it doesn’t matter now. It was just funny talking to him. Why did he email me? He said he just wondered what had happened to me and he was amused to see what I was up to. “Erotic romance, Amarinda? That does not surprise me at all. I always knew you’d do something different.” He was a nice man then and I don’t believe that has changed. How many times do you think of someone and wonder what they were doing now? Would you track someone down through Google on a whim? I never have as past history is just that. But here was someone I could have gone down a particular path with and had a completely different life. At the time I didn’t because I was scared. The idea of marriage was beyond me then as it is now. Do I regret not going down that path with him? 95% percent of the time no but sometimes that 5% does make you wonder…

Anyway, off stuff that can never be….

Beware the Ides of March…did you know that 15th March is the Ides of March? Did you care? Probably not – why would you? Of course Julius Caesar should have paid attention in 44BC when the soothsayer told him to chuck a sickie and stay at home and not go to the Senate. But he went and got stabbed to death. Moral of the story? Doing the right thing can get you killed…consider being bad occasionally.

Someone made a smart observation to me today about why is it "rubenesque" kind of women feature predominantly in romantic comedy books? I thought about that and realized she was right. In a lot of comedy romances you read how a curvaceous heroine gets the guy. So why is that? Is it because more women have curves now days or are these women inherently more funny than their slimmer sisters? Or is it just one of those riddle of the sands mysteries? Whatever it is, I had no answer to it. As a writer, I tend to write women like myself. Amazingly, stunning creatures that save the world with their great wit and intelligence …okay, possibly

part of that is a load of crap but I do try and write women that others can identify with. We all know a vast majority of women are not stick thin, do not have dazzling model-like features nor pleasant accommodating personalities. Real women have lumps and bumps, and crooked bits and foul PMS tempers. I personally don’t want to read about too perfect people as they aren’t real. So – what’s you take on the curvaceous heroine in romantic comedy?

I went and did my democratic duty today and voted. Now, there was quite a controversy at the voting place. I vote at the local primary school that is five minutes from my home. When I got to the school there was tension in the air. Was it candidates fighting each other? Party members drawing moustaches on the other party’s posters? A fight in the line up for the sausage sizzle? No, they had changed the entrance way to polling station. Instead of going up the usual staircase, we had to go up different one. What consternation. What outcry. People were most annoyed and several stared at the barred entrance way in disbelief - they then demanded to know what was going on. One man said to me ‘it’s ridiculous and how dare they?” I don’t know about you, but who gives a rat’s arse what steps you go up? Is there a tradition when it comes to steps? I pointed out not only did they dare but he had to get over it. He looked at me like I was mad. Most likely I am but they’re just frigging steps after all.

I had to fix a tap today – yes how exciting. No, it wasn’t leaking - the turn on thingy was stuffed and I knew that eventually turning the tap on with a pair of pliers would have to stop. There are times when I wish a man with a tool belt would magically appear and fix the problem but alas none appeared so I had to take matters into my own hands. I am quite capable when I choose to be or I have no bloody option. This was one of those no bloody option moments. Anyway it’s fixed and the pliers now have no reason to be in the bathroom. Pity, I was thinking of getting a nice holder for them. Anyway I have shoved the old metal thingy I replaced into my purse and will go to the hardware store when the mood takes me and get another couple of spare metal thingys. I always take the part as hardware men always ask you what the part looks like when you don’t have it and men don’t understand thingy language very well. I think it’s one of those left side of the brain things. Anyway, they generally ask is it a flange? How the hell do I know what a flange is? Or they’ll ask is it a male or a female part? I don’t know. I didn’t see a penis so I guess it’s a female unless it’s had gender reassignment surgery. Hard questions huh?

So, on the whole, Saturday was pretty meh. I accomplished nothing meaningful and had a moment to reflect on what might have been. Please dazzle me with what you have been doing this fine Saturday.

Anny is talking about the benefits of turpentine and linseed oil as a facial beauty treatment on and Kelly is waxing lyrical on pickled bunya nuts on
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


Anny Cook said...

Meh Saturday? So why am I laughing? You so have the plumbing situation correct. Always take the parts. Then they have to admit they have NO IDEA instead of pretending the woman is stupid.

And I look up people all the time on Google. Don't find them, but I look for them.

Molly Daniels said...

So far, it's noon; I'm still in my jammies. I've watched my3 hour 90210 marathon and now I'm reading about what everyone else is doing. Afterwards, who knows? Light housework, visit the MIL, cook dinner. Very boring in my world right now. But in 2 weeks, I start my book tour, and my Saturdays will liven up a little.

Kelly Kirch said...

I look up people too. I like to know or think I know, what's happening with old pals. I find it most rude and inconvenient though, when their name is too common to locate. Grr. Unlike my elementary school boyfriend who's name is: Thorin Thacker-Morgan. No, don't bother looking, he's not on google. And do you KNOW how many Juan Aguilars (my high school boyfriend senior year) there are in Mexico? It's unreal.

Heavy Heroines... Cause we develop our senses of humor instead of our perfectly arched eyebrows. Because humor is a sign of intellegence. Because it's a sight more interesting to have a man fall ridiculously head over heals in love with a woman who doesn't realize how very sexy she is than one who expects adoration.

barbara huffert said...

Excellent for voting. I'm proud of you. So far today I've purchased, assembled and used my new vacuum cleaner and changed the broken doorbell button without electrocuting myself.

Sandra Cox said...

You are so darn efficient its scary. I'm afraid the best I can do when the plumbing acts up is curse.
My Saturday has been spent with my wip. I'm trying to finish up my 3rd Catarau story. I occasionally lift myself out of my chair for food or to pretend I'm cleaning the house.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! Please tell me it was only QLD voting?

What did I do on Saturday? Cleaned house, finished a cover and took my daughter horse-riding. Actually, the girls rode and my SIL and I bitched about our husbands LOL.

Elyssa Edwards said...

Why are women with curves in so many romantic comedies? Well let's start with the fact that what our society currently considers rubenesque is actually average. So perhaps the question should be why are average women depicted so often in romantic comedies? Well Duh! Guess no one would need to ask that question.

Sadly enough, Hollywood doesn't follow what writer's know. We want to read about someone like us. So why wouldn't we want to see someone like us? I love Meg Ryan, but every time I see the woman on film I want to offer her food.

Dakota Rebel said...

Not to shamelessly plug on your blog, but Diane in my new book Hello (available March 17th *end of plug*) is actually quite thin. As is her friend Becky. And this book is billed as Erotic Comedy. (I like to think it's funny anyway.)

But I would have to guess that normal (rubenesque) women have a great sense of humor because what else are we going to do? We are never going to be supermodels. We are never going to fit into our favorite jeans every single day of the month, which by the way is crap; if we expand so should the jeans, but I digress.

We are just a funnier breed of women. Perhaps because "Skinny" women are always hungry? Who knows?

Great post sweetie!