Sunday, 30 March 2008

It does not compute…

*Did women take these adverts seriously in the 70’s? I doubt it. There is an advert on TV now where these women rip off their shirts and parade down the street in their whatever brand bras. I would suggest no woman is going to do that...that would be male fantasy

The quote below came from Cover Artist Lyn Taylor from Friday’s comments about the cover model on the Penned Again cover…scroll down and take a squiz to remind yourself…

“And I tell you I'd be damn happy with a set of firm, perky little breasts like that. Would be nice to not need a hydraulic lift to haul them around. Honestly, big boobs are WAAAAYY over rated!”

Okay, I have to agree with Lyn – big boobs are overrated - and I have to ask how they ever got this high rating in the first place. I suppose possibly in caveman times, when Gronk would been looking for a spouse, the concept of a well-endowed woman who could keep him warm at night and feed the ensuing babies that he planned to found the Gronk dynasty on would have been a consideration. But honestly, the majority of women that I know that who are top heavy, wished they weren’t – and of course I am talking about those that are

naturally gifted that way and not artificially so. Don’t get me wrong – if you think implants will make you happy then I say do it. I just personally could not fathom being any bigger. I used to sit beside a woman at Promptel who wanted implants. She hated being flat-chested and could not understand why we bitched about big boobs. She had never had a sore back or dints in her shoulders from the hydraulic requirements of defying gravity and holding them up. I think another employee, that we used to call the narc, summed it up best – It’s like carry watermelons around on your chest all day and when the curse strikes once a month it’s like someone has taken a hammer and smashed it against them. Yes, couldn’t trust the narc of course but she got it in one on the boob issue.

So, is it women that rate large breasts so highly or is it men? Yes, I know, dumb question but in the spirit of equality I thought I should ask. Now that that’s over with – what is it

with men? Why does everything have to be bigger to be better? An acquaintance of mine wants to have a breast reduction due to the pain in her back. Her partner is against this as he likes her breasts the way they are. That’s all very nice but he’s not the one in pain. So she hasn’t done it yet because he won’t be happy…What? He won’t be happy? Is that a partnership or a dictatorship – though there’s a dick in there somewhere that’s for sure. So do you think men believe larger is better? Then if so how does this equate to some men who will not date a larger sized woman? Isn’t bigger better for them? Or is it that just some parts that are deemed acceptable to be super-sized? Or maybe it’s a case of some men are not even as evolved as Gronk the caveman.

Do any men read this blog? I don’t know but if any man does and is game enough to comment on this topic, naturally we would applaud you for your two cents on this subject.

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It’s starting to get cold in Brisbane. I know it’s not the sort of cold you know but its cold for us sub-tropical types. The thing is it is the end of March and it is Autumn Down Under so you would expect it to get cool. But normally in Brisbane, where we have a fantastic year round climate, I don’t have to swap shorts for trackie dacks (tracksuit pants) til at least the end of April…it just seems wrong to me.

I was reading the Sunday newspaper. A 57 year old woman had a baby.57??? Come on…at 44 I would not consider having one even if I was drunk and offered all the money in the world. Now, it’s not an age thing because I believe physical age is irrelevant. I just don’t know why you would want a baby coming out of your body at 57. What stress and strain would that cause? The couple in the photo looked thrilled and
slightly bewildered. I would like to think when I hit 57 I would not have to be thinking about changing nappies(diapers) and dealing with an ankle biter (crawling baby). Think about it and tell me honestly – would you have a baby at 57 or 47? Or what is your cut off age? I know people who are desperate to have kids but at 57? It would take some balls to do that…well balls and other stuff of course.

To err is human, to forgive is optional—Amarinda Jones…I’m still thinking about the options.

As always Anny is scintillating on her blog and Kelly is quotatious on hers. Yes, H, I made that word up. Expect to see it in a book soon.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Can't wait to hear the options you come up with. And I agree, being supersized is highly overrated when toting all this around myself.

Anny Cook said...

Okay... I had my last child at 28. I am 58 now. I cannot IMAGINE having a baby at my age. Just take me out and shoot me.

Kelly Kirch said...

My last was at 26. I considered "bearing fruit" off and on again for four years but at 30 had no interest whatsoever. At this stage, my oldest will have my grandbabies in another 10 or so years (hopefully no sooner) where as starting fresh, I'd have to brave the fourth grade with a 10 year old. Gee, no contest. I'd rather have the grandbaby and give it back when I'm done.

Anonymous said...

A baby at 58? I found it hard enough at 28 for crying out loud! I can barely handle the mental challenges at 36 let alone doing it at 58. No. I'm sorry but it's not for me.

I do have to wonder how these people expect a young child/teen to nurse them through their dotage. Seems a little self indulgent to me.

Molly Daniels said...

I had my last one at 38. I DO. NOT. RECOMMEND. IT.! Had baby #1 at 25; no problem. Was up and around six hours later. Baby #2 at 28; couldn't get out of bed until the next day! Begged my dr to let me stay another, and he agreed. But 10 years later? Had bad case of post-partum 3 weeks later and cried for about 5 hours non-stop, until I fell into a much-needed 12-hour sleep.

Which brings up the boob thing: I've had big boobs 3 times (due to babies, duh!) and boy was I ever glad they shrank back! They got in the way; they were painful, and esp after the 12-hour nursed all he could, and I still pumped out another 3 ounces out of each one before I was comfortable again!

Brynn Paulin said...

Good God, I wouldn't have one at 37!