Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Tuesday ramblings…

Oh dear….

I did not want to eat the chocolate cake for dinner but my hormones had a tight grip on me and they insisted I stop and buy the mud cake. I knew it was unreasonable and foolish but what can you do when hormones attack but surrender to the inevitable. I did however stop my hormones from pushing me on to have several glasses of wine. Stupid hormones…you think they would know that dry white wine does not go with sweet chocolate cake. Duh

Comfort Levels…

How comfortable are you in your own skin? If you could change 3 things about yourself what would they be? Someone asked this question of me today. I thought about it for a moment and I then gave my answer. I would change nothing. Am I perfect? Nope, but I like
me as I am. Sure, I could probably be a better person but then couldn’t everyone? When I answered nothing, they just looked at me in surprise. “Come on, there must be something?” No, why does there have to be? Does someone ask this question because they aren’t happy with their own life or are they wanting to hear some angst ridden confessions of another’s faults? I have faults to burn baby but I like ‘em. They make me who I am and I’m not about to worry about them now.

On the radio this morning….

….they were asking “what would you do if the world was going to end?” I know most of us would say be with those we love. But what else would you do it you could because there would be no recriminations afterward? My first thought was ‘stop exercising and thinking about what I eat.’ My second - drink a bottle or two of champagne everyday until the world blew up. My third…well I did not have one because I pretty much do what I want to do now (with the exception of having to work) – and no, luck has nothing to do with it – personality does. So, what would you do if in two days time the world was going to end?

I’ve come a long way baby….

To get to where I had to go today, I had to traverse an old suburb I used to live in. I lived there in a period of my life when I had the bum out of my tweeds (I was broke) and was barely existing on nothing – yes, you all know those times, so I don’t have to explain it further. Anyway for old time sake I turned into Lincoln Street where I used to live and headed towards the block of flats (apartments) I used to live in. I stopped the car outside this god awful dingy looking dump and thought they have not changed a whit. They were ghastly then as there were now. How did I ever live there? Because I had absolutely no choice then. I drove away thinking no matter what crap I may be going through now or later, I have come far in my life. I take moments like this as a sign that says ‘Look where you were, look where you are now, you’ve come a long way baby – so stop frigging whingeing...and PS – listen to your hormones and buy cake.’

Annoying television commercials…

- Okay I refuse to believe that a 3 year old boy will play with a cute dog and an ‘ever so soft’ roll of toilet paper and then use the ‘ever so soft’ roll of toilet paper as a pillow as he falls asleep with his smiling mother watching on. Just pukeable it’s so cute.
- I have to turn the sound down on an annoying woman who is prattling on about vertical blinds as if they are the answer to mankind’s prayers. They’re bloody not – they’re a frigging ugly 90’s fashion statement of crap – for those of you who have them I am sure they look lovely in your home.
- Why does a half clad, busty, trashy blonde have to caress timber on a TV advert for wood? Any man that is dumb enough to think she is going to turn up with his lumber supply is not a man you should be involved with.
- And, any commercial that has a clown in it is demonic. What’s that you say? I believe most of the world’s problems are caused by clowns. Just a theory I have and I will expand on it in a later blog – but just watch your back if there is a clown nearby.

In assure you…

….I do not want frigging insurance. This psycho insurance sales man keeps ringing me to sell me insurance. I made the mistake of asking one question about insurance – head slap – yes, I am annoyed at myself and now Neville Nerd keeps ringing me. But this was definitely the last time. I told him I was going to join a commune and giving all my money away. Ha! Insure that Neville…wanker.

I love…

...The Bold and The Beautiful. I got home in time to discover Stephanie has be shot – gasp – shock – horror – but no one knows by who – but of course. That will take at least several wrongful arrests, imprisonments and one of the characters being pregnant in jail before that is solved. When asked why they hated Stephanie, all the suspects looked cryptically into the distance, on a long shot, as the suspenseful music played. I am going to cultivate that look so instead of lying as a first reflex I will look off into the distance and look cryptic…do you need to have your limps pumped with filler for that? All the characters seem to have pouty lips…maybe it makes you look more cryptic. I may just draw in extra thick lips and see how that goes.

A moment to rant…

Just read something that really annoyed me…

"If I didn’t have children I would be able to write more.”

Yeah, I get that raising kids is a huge undertaking but it’s one you do because you want to. No one has time to do anything anymore – no one – that is just the way the world is – kids or not. If you truly want to write then you will find the time. Some people work full time – others work two jobs and yet they find the time to write. Some people have debilitating illnesses yet that make the effort to bang off a 1000 words each day. I think we spend too much time being comfortable with excuses for why we do not do things. If you can’t do something just say you can’t. Why use the justification of I have kids, work, a sore toe etc? “I didn’t do it” - how hard is that to say? Why blame someone or something else? Excuses may be a comfortable alternative to doing but they don’t wash in the real world. We all have choices in out lives. Make ‘em, live with them and work around them if something is important to you….okay rant over.

I am sure Anny has a perfectly rational blog today on Kelly is talking conspiracy theories on I still think the world is flat – that story about it being round is just a hoax you know.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Commercials..."the most sophisticated piece of technology you'll ever pee on". And how about organic Oreos?

Kelly Kirch said...

Had a lot to say today, AJ?

I love that ad Barbara. Makes me laugh every time. My husband says the soap opera look is the character wondering if he remembered to turn of the iron. "Hmm did I? I think so. Perhaps I didn't!"

Anny Cook said...

Oh my gosh, where do I start? Commercials... well we won't go there. My all time favorite commercial was the cat round-up from the superbowl about 7 years ago. After that, everthing went down hill.

Hmmmm. What would I do if only two days left? Talk to my kids? Family? Eat chocolate cake?

As for coming a long way--yeah, I get that. For sure, for sure. Good blog!

Mona Risk said...

What would I do if the world would come to an end in two days? Huddle in my hubby's arms and wait together. Kids have their families.

I came a long way too. Life is good. I wouldn't change a thing about it. Except the nasty flu that's been clinging for two months now.

Molly Daniels said...

OMG! Did I say that? Must have been a slip of the fingers...brain was obviously not connected! I sent my kids to grandma's one week so I could do some major editing...didn't accomplish a thing until the last day!

Yes Barb, that commercial is the current fave around here!

Anonymous said...

Commercials? Nothing bugs me more than a 5 year old child telling an adult about insurance! I mean WTF! It ain't cute people. It's demonic!

Now 3 things I would change about myself. That would be spare tyre #1, #2 AND .... da da da daaaaa .. #3! LOL! (and no that's not the kids and hubby ;)) Although sometimes I guess it could be.

Bronwyn's Blog said...

Clowns are the root of all evil.

I have to applaud you for genuinely not wanting to change anything about yourself. I wish that more people felt that way - myself included.

Sandra Cox said...

Man, that picture of the chocolate cake looks awfully enticing. I'll just go to the kitchen and have my half an oreo without icing for my chocolate fix. Sigh. I'd rather have the cake.