Saturday, 3 May 2008

Some people….

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe.”-- Albert Einstein

Last Man Standing - review

Last Man Standing is a fantastic follow up to Swift of Heart. This story follows Amy and Alex and their rocky romance. Well, it is rocky because Alex is trying to do things to protect Amy and all they end up doing is making her mad and confused. The author does an incredible job of getting the reader to understand the cultural aspects of this parallel world. Ms. Davies also continues to write stories that have super spunky, take no prisoners, strong women characters who will not be “walked over” for any reason. If you are a fan of strong and smart-mouthed female characters then you won’t want to miss the adventures of the Hart sisters. Last Man Standing is a keeper. Although Last Man Standing is the sequel to Swift of Heart, it can be read alone.

Friends, or people you thought of as friends, are funny aren’t they? Even more funny when they want something from you, then have no tact at all and say negative things about you. Don’t get me wrong – I admire people who have the guts to face you in person or in email and tell you how they feel about this or that. Brutal honesty, to me, is good. But on a blog? Then they send an email to me asking for my help? Huh? How terribly, terribly tacky of you and you know who you are. Hmmm…will I help this individual again when they ask for it? Gee, let me think…oh hell no. Friendship swings both ways doesn’t it?

Now that I have dealt with that small matter ….people who live in the past…you know the ones I am talking about. Those who can’t or refuse to get out of say the 80’s or 90’s. I suspect it was their hey-day but how realistic is it to remain there in your speech, dress and writing? Should people move on? Is it healthy to live in the past? Are you denying the present and the future by thinking you are 20 years younger than you are? It’s not like you can ever go back is it? And whatever problems you have in your life now are not going to be solved by trying to act like you are 20 and unaware of the responsibilities and manners of an adult. I believe it’s good to be young at heart and spirit but living in the past and never growing up only worked for Peter Pan and for god sake he runs around in green tights. Unless you think that’s a fashion statement, then you should consider growing up.

Speaking of Peter Pan like people…I read this blog this morning where this man was spruiking on about stuff that I am sure he thinks women like/want to believe and honestly all I could think of was – oh for god sake. You know the type of man I mean. They may be as smooth as a baby’s bum but they are dumb as a box of rocks if they think women fall for the insincere crap they go on with. I used to work with a man like this. He was as charming as but he had no substance. I actually pointed that out to him one day and he just smiled and agreed. “That’s who I am babe and women like it” Ah no, not any women I know…and probably the 6 women he had been married to previously didn’t care for it much either. Blog man? No different…just as see-through but maybe that’s the look he’s going for – if so well done – it worked with me – I saw through it.

Okay so off on another track now….I washed Ida, my car. No, probably not a big deal for most people but in drought water is precious. I used some of the water from my rain tank to do it. It hasn’t rained in a bloody long time and the water, albeit stagnant, I was hoarding was for things that really needed it. The car really needed washing. I believe when people write ‘wash me’ in the dust, when the car no longer looks ruby red and when you brush by it you get covered in dust – you need to wash it. I haven’t washed it in probably a year. The last wash it got was when it got serviced 6 months ago, So, I got the buckets and watering cans out and washed Ida. And naturally, during a drought when water restrictions are at level 6 (not good at all) people do tend to watch what others do with water. I have a sign out the front of my house indicating I have tank water. This is important to have as people have been literally battered or killed in arguments over water usage in this country. We go back to the apes sometimes don’t we? Anyway Ida is now sparkly red and really too nice to drive anywhere for fear of it getting dirty.

I splurged a little and watered some of the plants in the garden with the tank water as well. Sadly many are still dying and I spent a great percentage of today ripping out the dead ones and breaking off or separating pieces of live ones, to put in their place. A once lush garden is very sparse and if it looks good at all it’s all due to the smoke and mirrors technique of making less look more. But there is of course no way I can justifiably complain because they’re just plants and not crops and some countries have been in constant drought for years and crop failure means no food. Sometimes I believe the cosmos gives you lessons like the drought we have now to make us realize how bloody lucky we are – so some plants die and we have dirty cars – we’ve still got food and medicine and we do very well.

Speaking of the cosmos…I am going to the 12th annual Buddha Birthday festival at South Bank in the city – Brisbane for those who don’t know - tomorrow. No, I am not a Buddhist or any religion – I am a – gasp – atheist – no conversion efforts please – the devil doesn’t like people poaching on his preserves. Anyway – I believe be whatever religion or not as you want to be – Christianity, Islam, Jedi. I respect that. I find the legends of most religions interesting. My parents let the Jones kids grow up to believe what they wanted to and we all took radically different paths. So I’ll wander down and have a look at the festival and no doubt buy all sorts of weird existential things as I do. I have 6 Buddha statures in my garden – Mum collected them and I inherited them – so it would probably be like being at home at the festival. What plans for your Sunday?
Go check out Anny’s blog to see her standing on a man’s hand. I’m not sure what Kelly is on but I’m fairly sure it’s legal – check ‘em out.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

You have the coolest festivals there. I'm jealous. In Reading today we're having one organized by yet another group promoting non-violence. Says a lot, doesn't it, when we have them continually, all sponsored by different groups promoting the same principle?

Next time I do a happy dance in the street I'll have you in mind. Maybe I can aim the rain that always follows in your direction. We had a modest drought here a few years ago. I can't imagine a serious one that never ends. Good for you for having a tank. Does everyone have one?

Anny Cook said...

Go, Ida! I bet she's pretty! So enjoy your festival. I have very exciting stuff planned... not. Gonna go down to the Sam's Club and buy fish and nuts. Good combo, no?

Fabulous, well deserved review for my guy Alex!

Kelly Kirch said...

I'm still in blog-cheerful avoidance. I've posted a place holder blog until I'm no longer cross at the world for the shortsided rudeness of others.

Just a question about the water stuff... you have a sign in your yard. Do you need one in the window of your car so no one takes a bat to it where you park every day?

Anonymous said...

Actually, only the Disney version of Peter Pan wears green tights. If you're not aware, Disney did not create him. Jeez.