Thursday, 11 December 2008

Bizarro world....

I got a surprising email in my inbox yesterday. Would I like to speak at some local libraries about writing romance and how to get into the industry? Bizarro world. Me? A small fish in the huge pond that is romance writing? They wanted local writers – I guess to make those wanting to write realize it’s doable. And it is. Anyone who really wants to write can. And no, despite what some may tell you, there is no mystery in writing. It’s about perseverance and having a thick skin. As I said yes to the offer, I could see my mother – who always told the Jones kids that we were swans and stuff what anyone else thinks – smiling. No, it’s not a huge thing to do but she would be marking down another mark on the chalkboard of karma against the school ‘guidance’ councillor who said – “Mrs Jones your daughter will not amount to much.” Jeez is he ever in trouble when he gets the heaven. Mum will be waiting, no doubt with the glamorous Grandma Elsie – who once told someone who said her child looked pale ‘that it was his royal Viking blood’ - with her list against him. Mum was a quiet, strong, determined woman and no one – no one - spoke ill of her kids. No one messes with the Jones women.
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