Thursday, 18 December 2008

The ghost of Christmas Past….

I was offered another contract on a vampire book and I came home from work and mowed the lawn….what can I say? Life is exciting….

The ghost of Christmas Past….

Ghost – Do I scare you, darlin’?
Amarinda – No
G – Nothing to fear from the past?
A – Nope. The past is the past and it can only scare you if you let it.
G – Hmm, you’re a tough one
A – You have no idea. So tell me ghost boy, what do you get out of reminding people of past actions?
G – It’s a public service
A – How so?
G – We try to make people better, darlin’
A – We?
G – The ghosts of past, present and future. We’re a tag team. We step inside a person’s boring existence at Christmas and shake them up into changing. Though, to be honest, I’m the scariest. Some people have terrible past secrets and I like to remind them.
A – Does doing this make you feel important? Do you get your rocks off reminding people of things they want to forget?
G – Hey darlin’, people need to change
A – Says you. I put it to you ghost boy that you are a bully who likes to see people upset, that you and your cohorts are nothing but terrorists.
G – Jeez, that’s pretty strong, darling’
A – No, it’s not and we refuse to give into terrorism any more. All terrorists are wankers.
G – You’re joking
A – I’m deadly bloody serious, sunshine.
G – Wow, this could explain a lot. I went to do the spooky thing at number 52 and they told me to piss off and 54 set their dog on me. I just thought 52 were busy and the lady at 54 looked like she had the hormonal thing going on.
A – No, the fact is you’re no longer scary and people aren’t going to live their lives fearing the past.
G – But – but what do I do if I can’t do that?
A – Get a job. Pay your way. Do what the rest of us do.
G – But I have no skills other than being scary
A – You can be a politician. They’re scary but no one pays attention to them so it’s kind of the same. Are you crying?
G – I have feelings you know
A – So, I’m upsetting you? Making you feel like your past is a mistake?
G – Yes
A - How does that feel?
G – Terrible – you’re horrible. We could have used you as a fourth ghost
A – Which one? The ghost of bloody-wake-up-to-yourself and stop letting wankers get to you?
G – I want to go home
A – So go.
G – Can I borrow bus fare?

The past is – let it be….

Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness – James Thurber.
Go Ahead:Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?