Saturday, 20 December 2008

Chipmunk philosophy…

I was reading blogs, as I do, and I came across one blog where the writer of it was having a hard time with lots of things in their life. As I read their words I could almost hear the pain in their voice. I looked at the comments. One struck me as odd. Its said something along the lines of ‘have a great day.’ Hmmm, had the commenter even read the blog? Felt the person’s suffering? Did they get that this person was probably not going to have a good day for a while due to all their stuff going on in their life? Do you think it’s a case of we don’t want to know the hard, difficult things of other people’s lives so we gloss over them with greeting card phrases to make ourselves feel more comfortable ? Was it that the commenter wanted another hit on Google they could see when they put their name into the search engine? And how did the writer of the blog feel when their words were dismissed so lightly? If someone is seeking understanding or support do you think ‘have a nice day’ is going to do it? If so, we would all spend our time at McDoanlds or wherever listening to trained counter staff wishing us well. Life is just not the simple.

Sometimes we are very strange people. We pretend to care when we don’t. We say we can hear you when we’re really not trying to listen. We’re okay but if you’re not then – well – try and have a great day. I believe saying nothing is sometimes more appropriate than chipmunk philosophy. I also understand why depression is on the increase when people really don’t bother listening to another’s words.

No, I won’t depress you completely…. I heard this song today I had not heard in years ….
click here. A bit of trivia for you I used to talk a bit like the singer after spending a couple of years in London.
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