Saturday, 13 December 2008


….was as hot as hell…probably good practice for me when I end up there. ‘Spent most of the day inside avoiding the heat, and skin cancer and writing ménage sex….it’s hard to keep a track of everyone’s bit and pieces sometimes.

If you can't take the heat, don't tickle the dragon.” - - unknown

Anyway, enough of me and body parts…Magnolia by Anny Cook is out now at Ellora’s Cave. This book is steam heat and I know once you read it you will instantly want to buy all the other Anny Cook books. As always, click on the cover to buy.

Magnolia - the blurb....

The Yule season has come to Castle Came-a-lot. With the annual influx of family Prince Undain, the last unmarried son of King Arthur decides to retreat to the tower he shares with his partner, Prince Dennac, on the eastern shores of Avalon.

It is there that Dennac brings Magnolia, the woman he rescues from a shipwreck. Fleeing from a dangerous arranged marriage, she quickly accepts the offer of marriage from Undain and Dennac.

Almost immediately, their honeymonth takes an unexpected turn. Magnolia, with the loss of her virginity, sprouts wings leading them to the inescapable conclusion that she is half-faery. And once faeries sprout their wings, they require frequent hot sex. Dennac and Undain eagerly meet Magnolia's new demands even as they deal with the Yule celebrations and threats from the evil Prince Rugat.

The excerpt….

Arthur lifted his goblet in salute to his morose son. "What you need is a good—"
"Please not again," Undain wearily interrupted. "I don't need a woman, man, dragon, faery, or pet rock. What I need is some peace and quiet! You have no idea what Earth is like in this century. They're mad, I tell you. All mad!"
"It can't be that bad," Arthur declared heartily. "Why in my day—"
"In your day, you were the king. Now, they would completely ignore you. Or your pictures would be in the tabloids. Just let it drop, Dad. I think I'll go down to the Tower on the eastern shore. I want some quiet time until Dennac comes home."
"What about the Yule celebrations?" Arthur shoved his crown back from his forehead and stared at his only unmarried son in puzzlement. "Surely you'll be here for the Yule log?"
"Nope. You have Gary and Chrys here with their dynamic duo. And Honey sent a message that they will be traveling down from Hieney Hamlet with the terrible twins and Nanny Anny. Even your sister, Aunt Ling-Ling is planning to come with Merlin. If they're coming, I'm sure that Raulf and Daffodil will show up too. They'll no doubt bring all those kids they adopted after that orphanage burned down. The last I heard, there were what—eight or nine?" Undain shuddered. "No telling who else will arrive unannounced. Too many children, Dad."
"I thought you liked children," Arthur retorted.
"I do. But I like them one or two at a time—not by the dozen!" Undain stomped across the room with growing determination. "We'll be back before the New Year snows." He whisked through the door before his father could think of another objection and ran up the stairs. Time to pack and hit the road before Gary decided to ask him to pick out the Yule tree.
Within the hour, he was roaring down the road to his Tower on the eastern shore astride his power bike. It was the newest experimental model, a Gawaine 3000. He had to admit that there were major advantages to having an inventor in the family.
Now if he and Dennac could find a virgin older than twelve and younger than God, they'd be in business. If she was thirteen or older, they could handfast with her until she was old enough to marry. At least that way, no one would touch her. But he was beginning to think that there were no more virgins on the entire planet of Avalon. And his father refused to change the law to allow him to marry a woman who was just slightly road tested. Arthur was determined that all his children would marry virgins or no one at all. More and more it looked like Undain was going to end up the first male old maid in the family—
at least as far as women were concerned.
Hmmm…I wonder what will happen next?
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