Saturday, 6 December 2008

The things I know….

I know that….

- champagne corks can fix holes in walls where old pipes used to be
- that the old plumbing that was ripped out from my bathroom – ker-ching – reminded me that the old apricot paint underneath was just pukeable in a bathroom
- that 4 litres of paint is cheaper to buy than 2 litres so why not paint the kitchen in the same colour as well?
- that you can never go wrong with silver fish shaped cupboard handles as they are going to look wrong anywhere you put them so why worry?
- that I seem to have the world’s supply of spider webs in my backyard at the moment
- that green ant bites sting and keep stinging way after your attacker has died
- that 90% humidity while mowing the lawn makes you sweat like a pig but you don’t see the benefit in weight loss

- that racing to finish mowing before the daily summer storm hits is madness yet I still do it
- the BOM site radar – click here– is always right so batten down the hatches
- that to finish and send off the book I had to add 6k to is better than to leave it sit there due to procrastination – ‘did that today
- that no matter how much people would ‘like you to change’ they don’t actually believe ‘they’ have to.
- that mango/macadamia ice cream is divine
- the regardless what others believe, the macadamia is native to Australia and imported elsewhere
- that Australia is the best country on the planet
- that the woman in my office who wears a Christmas bell the bangs against her boob, ringing incessantly all bloody day, reallllly needs to stop wearing it
The Penned Again contest closes tomorrow midnight. What contest? Scroll down and enter. Yes, I have had a bucket load of entries but that’s not to say you cannot win - so enter. It’s a random pick…I am extremely random.

BTW - did you notice I had the word ‘fuck’ in my
Penned Again blurb? No? Scroll down again and look. Two people remarked on this. No, I have not lost my mind…well not completely. No, I don’t think the word is going to ‘taint’ romance writing because – hello - that word is used a lot. Fuck is a part of the language whether you like it or not or you use it or not. I go with the times. I don’t resist them. When I was a kid saying ‘bum’ was terrible. I got in trouble a few times – one notable occasion I scratched out the ‘a’ on Frank L Baum’s name on The Wizard of OZ book we had at home…shocking…
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?