Sunday, 28 December 2008


In the Sunday Mail, Brizzie edition, page 30, they list the 20 most essential things everyone needs to know…do tell. Some of them I agreed with –

- how to shake hands – weak handshakes indicate weak people
- how to negotiate – know what you want and get it
- how to use a computer – yes – very important
- how to listen - that is an art
- how to cook – yes pukeable, but people should know in case someone offers them vast sums of money to boil an egg

But others…what the?

- How to make a martini – I suppose this could be important if you are going to hang out with James Bond
- How to buy a diamond. Seriously? How is this important in a day and age when people are flat out trying to save money – maybe this should be changed to learn how to save money.
- How to shine shoes? Really? When was this written? 1950?
- How to build a fire….sure, if you want to go on Survivor.
- How to hit a tennis or golf ball…huh?

My list?

1. Be a good liar. It will save your arse one day
2. Learn how to stand up for yourself because you are the one you can rely on most
3. Look people in the eye.
4. Develop a thick skin
5. Learn how to laugh or everything will get to you
6. Persevere if you believe what you are doing is right.

Got any more?
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