Friday, 5 December 2008

Penned Again…

That's right…Penned Again is released today at Elloras’s Cave. It’s the follow on to Anyone But You….and yes, there’s a contest…click on the cover to buy

The blurb….

The last man Arlo Ripley wants to see back in her life is her husband Penn. He never told her he was a demon. She only found out when it was too late. Now he’s back and trying to fuck her senseless into forgetting the past. Great sex is one thing but forgiveness another. Arlo’s not about to give up holding a grudge and no orgasm can make up for a lie.

Penn has made a bet with a fellow demon he can win his wife back. But much more is at stake. In order to free himself he needs his wife. Sex is the key. It brought them together once. To win Arlo he will play every dirty, little game he knows she loves. After all, his freedom is at stake.

The excerpt….

It was such a long time since Arlo Ripley had felt the closeness of another’s skin again hers. She curled against the warm, male body and gave herself up to the dream she was having. Her hand touched the hard, hair roughened chest and luxuriant heat radiated through her arm and down her body. It was heaven to touch him once more. She had missed him so much. Him? Penn? Her eyes snapped open in shock.
“You!” Arlo jerked her hand away as she looked at the naked man in her bed. There was just enough light to see the deep green eyes of Pendleton Ripley. He had not changed one whit. Same dark, wavy hair, kissable mouth and a body to collapse against in need and hunger. And he was naked. Whoa! Too many memories there. She rolled away as fast and as far away as she could.
“Hi honey, I’m home,” Penn murmured as he reached out and pulled his wife back against him.
“Holy fucking hell, what are you doing here?” Arlo struggled to break free from his hold. To do that, she had to touch him and he felt so good to her Penn-starved senses. Six months without touching him had been torture.
“I came to see you.”

“Oh piss off.” She slapped his chest in derision. Remember you hate him and he is a lying swine. Okay I can do this.
Penn’s finger gently traced the curve of her lips.
“I missed you, my beloved.”
Oh crap. Penn was using “beloved” in that deep, husky voice he knew turned her on. Arlo closed her legs together tightly.
He is back for a reason and that reason may not suit you. Be strong and don’t get sucked in again.
Arlo Ripley had endured six of the most horrible months of her life. It was like she was on a continual mood swing and it was all because of her husband—the demon. I married a demon. It still seemed bizarre to her. It was more like something out of a 1950s schlock black and white movie. But it had happened and it still irritated her no end that Penn had not told her the truth. Honesty was as important as love to Arlo. That he did not tell her everything smacked at her self-esteem. During their separation she had railed against him, the unfairness of it all and wondered if love was really worth the hassle. Sure, she was lonely without Penn but at least she knew where she stood.
“What do you want?” Though his cock pressing against her thigh was a very good indication of where his mind was at. It was so long since she’d had sex. The feel of that life force pushing against her made her remember the last, delicious time she had touched and tasted him. She still remembered the feeling of her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she came. Then Penn had gone and broken her heart. Bastard. Well not again.
“I’m naked, you’re naked—what do you think I want?” Penn smiled at her knowingly.
I think I really need you now and I hate myself for being so weak.
“I think you’ve run out of clean clothes and want me to do your washing.” Arlo always slept naked. She liked the sensual feel of the fine cotton sheets on her skin. However at that moment she wished she had on a granny nightdress as her bare skin so close to his was like holding a lit match to paper. Penn could make her hot with just one look and he looked mighty good to her famished senses. She ran her eyes over the length of his lean, strong body, stopping at the black, elaborate phoenix tattoo on his lower stomach. It had always turned her on. Her mouth watered. He still had the ability to take her breath away.

The contest…

Question: - What fantastic country does Amarinda Jones and Hugh Jackman – my next door neighbour - come from? Email the answer to I will give away 2 copies of Penned Again to the first two correct answers drawn at random. The contest closed midnight Saturday 6th November (USA EST). Good luck.
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