Monday, 8 December 2008

So Kevin...

…the Aussie Prime Minister lashed out and took some of the surplus funds we have in the Treasury and gave them away to a bunch of people - pensioners, those with kids etc – as an early xmas present. Ten billion dollars worth. While I understand the rationale of getting people to spend to strengthen the economy and stop the slide that other countries are on, I would have liked to have seen tax cuts for people who work – yes - how selfish of me. I understand my tax dollars go to funding stuff but every so often I would actually like to see some of it come back to me. So people will go out and blow this $1000+ on stuff. Great. That’s what Kev wants. ‘Let’s get the economy moving. Let’s look after Australia. I just find it real hard to be enthusiastic when some people plan to buy a big screen TV with the money or as one person told me - lots of clothes. Sigh….whinge, bitch, grizzle, taxpayer moan. ******************************************************
I went to the bank in my lunch break to pay a bill. It was crowded. Customers were complaining. The manager came out to calm the restless natives. She said, as an excuse, We try not to encourage people to come to the bank in their lunch hours.” Hmmm…my response, “You work during the day. When do you get stuff done? Or are you going to open the bank longer hours to cater for people who work to avoid them using their lunch breaks to bank?” She said that was "Not the point.” No, there never is one when you don’t have a decent answer.
The one and only sane conversation I had today was with best friend Ethel. She was in her office across town and I was in mine. There is something good about having someone you can talk to who knows you very well and both of you can say things without having to watch your words. That’s so rare. Ethel’s take on the Kevin Xmas present. “We are going to be working until we die, Lucy and we’re never going to be pensioners as no one will be left to support us.” What a cheery thought for a Monday….work til you die…she did follow this up with in “are we on for Saturday Lotto?” and “do you what some more fly drives for your computer? We have tons here.” So – there you go - death – but lotto might save us – and what can I nick at work and send to you? Yeah, that sums life up. Thanks for sane people like Ethel.
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