Sunday, 14 December 2008

I was watching….

….television late last night as I could not sleep and writing was beyond me. Anyway, as I flicked channels – no, I don’t have cable – I came across this old 1940’s cowboy movie. The bad guys, who all had moustaches, were waiting for the good guy to come to town. I’m not sure why other than to kill him for something before he killed them for something. Anyway, the bad guys heard the good guy was in town so they went gunning for him. Five of them walked along the street, guns drawn, heads turned to right looking for him. The good guy stood in an alley on the left in plain sight and they walked straight past him unnoticed. They would have felt his breath he was so close. So, why am I telling you this? Maybe because we don’t notice the obvious things we should until it’s too late. Maybe it’s a reminder to me as a writer to be more coherent (My editor is now laughing her arse off). Or maybe it’s just an old movie with a dumb script. Who knows at 2am in the morning why you fixate on stuff?

Breath of Magic by Regina Carlysle is out now at Ellora’s Cave. It’s book 1 in the Mistletoe Magic series, but may be read as a stand-alone story. Reason to buy? It’s the first so it’s bound to be the best and it’s hot romance. Click on the cover and buy

The blurb....

Powerhouse attorney, Liza Woodward knows a little something about losing control and it’s been her life’s mission never to do it again, especially when it comes to small town lawyer, Tyler Blackwell.

Ty takes one look at the woman he’s always loved and knows its way past time he seduced away the control she wears like a suit of armor. It will take a steady hand, a bit of dominance, and a little Breath of Magic from a Christmas Elf to win this sassy Texas woman.

The excerpt….warning…adult excerpt

Liza’s muscles tensed in anticipation and she prayed with everything in her that he couldn’t know what looking at him did to her. This was a mistake on so many levels. But God! She’d never been able to resist Ty Blackwell. He was bronze and dark and so ripped with muscle, he made her mouth water. Hastily she flicked her tongue across her lower lip as she took in the mounds of his sculpted chest. It was lightly smattered with dark, crisp hair that flared across his pecs then thinned to arrow down, bisecting his torso to disappear into the waistband of worn denim. His profession hadn’t softened him a bit. Lean yet muscular he was a man who looked as spectacular in jeans as he did in a suit. When he smiled, a deep and sexy dimple popped out near the corner of his scrumptious lips. He wasn’t smiling now. His face was hard with passion, a tiny muscle jumped in his jaw as if he were holding himself back with every ounce of control he possessed.
Oh, she knew all about control. It was the very thing that had deserted her from the moment she looked into those drenched chocolate-colored eyes of his.
Yep. She was a goner.
Ty held her gaze as he unsnapped and unzipped his jeans. She’d almost forgotten that country lawyers tended toward the ultra casual when not in court but that suited her just fine. Lordy, he looked good in worn denim. Without moving his eyes from hers, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a condom. One side of his mouth lifted in a naughty half-smile as he tossed it casually to the desktop where it landed near her hip.
“I was ready for you, Liza Lou.”
“Bet you think I’m easy.”
“There’s nothing easy about you, darlin’,” he said as he pushed the jeans and his pristine white briefs together past his hips.
“Ah, man.” Liza practically moaned the words as she got an eyeful of his cock, rising high and hard from the nest of black hair at his groin. Ty was a real-life, honest to God refresher course in male beauty. Was he bigger than she remembered? Oh yeah. Maybe he was. His erection was thick and ripe with color, distended veins coursing the length of him as if pointing straight to the heavy, broad plum-shaped head. Liza’s mouth went dry as she recalled the wonderful masculine taste of him.
She wanted to reach out for it. She wanted to stroke him and take him in her mouth but he didn’t give her a chance. With a low sound, Ty leaned over and took the front of her thong between his teeth and slowly, tantalizingly pulled it from her body. Finally, he took the garment in his hand and rubbed the drenched cloth against his chest.
Liza gasped. She’d never known a naughtier man.
“Don’t look scandalized, Counselor,” he drawled slowly. “I love the way you smell when you’re hot. I want your scent all over me.”
“You’re bad.” She whispered the words wanting to be shocked but instead her body pulsed in a wild, untamed rhythm. “I should go.”
Ty shook his head. “Uh-uh. You want bad so much you can taste it and I’m gonna give it to you.”
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