Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Hmm…nothing of any note to tell you. The sky still remains up there and blue, green appears to be colour of grass, summer is hot and I get paid Friday….and you thought being a romance writer was exciting…. you didn’t? Smart people.

Now for an oh for god sake moment…

A QUEENSLAND mayor is under pressure to get a makeover because male councilors reportedly say her blonde hair makes her look like a bimbo.
Logan City councillors fear Mayor Pam Parker's golden locks make her seem a stereotypical "dumb blonde", and prevent the council from being taken seriously.,27574,24771084-3102,00.html

The mayor in question is the first female mayor for this city. She is blonde. Hmm, I don’t get why this is a big deal. She was blonde when she was elected to the position. It would have been something the voters would have noticed, unless they were like me and they tend to vote lame duck mayoral candidates like transvestites or alien abductees – either way the rates will go up but at least we’ll have some entertainment. So, my guess is that a bunch of pissed off councillors, most likely male, aren’t happy that a womanand for god sake a blonde - is now in charge. Well, this is how I see it…most of the world is run by people with penises and I’m not real happy with how some of them are stuffing things up but they have a right to have a penis or do we suggest they lop ‘em off to prove ability?

“People should be judged for their ability to deliver, not for the way they look.”


Amarinda Jones
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