Saturday, 27 September 2008

Saturday pontifications…

I read this news item this morning and I was appalled. Click here to check it out. I was appalled – not because of the ruling of abortion because I am pro-choice. I believe it is up to the individual what they choose to do with their bodies. I will never believe otherwise. No one can tell anyone else that they must have a child or ‘no, despite your terrible pain you are not allowed to choose to die but your own hand instead of terminal illness.’ Back off and let that person choose. It’s not your life or your pain.

What sickened me was this child – and she is one – having the hormones and periods does not make a woman – is pregnant at 12 for god sake. Yeah, I know that’s not unusual – that it happens. And yeah I know in medieval times women were having babies at that age but bloody hell we are in 2008. We have contraceptives. Who the hell are raising these kids? Or in this case not? I truly believe some people should not have children.

Yes, sex is all around us. Yes, kids will experiment but I have to wonder who the man/boy was that impregnated this child. I don’t call him a father as it takes more than a couple of hot minutes to be a father. If he was a lot older then he should be shot. If he was the same age then what the hell are his parents teaching him? Condoms are everywhere. Walk into any supermarket or chemist and you can buy them no questions asked.

One of my best friends wants more kids but she cannot have them. She, like many women, has suffered miscarriages. I have to wonder what the cosmic plan is to allow some women – or in this case kids – to have unwanted babies or children that they mistreat while others live in despair of having one. I believe that universe is totally screwed sometimes.

And absolutely I believe this ruling is in the interest of this twelve year old child. To me, it sounds like she is already damaged by life, why damage this child further?

Her mother moved interstate about three weeks ago for work, leaving the girl with her grandmother and father.

Once again, as far as we have come as women, there are some that will always drag us back. This mother should be ashamed. Cutting and running is the act of a coward.

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