Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Never discuss politics or religion…

An election is coming. Universal peace is declared and the foxes have a sincere interest in prolonging the lives of the poultry. ~T.S. Eliot

I have been watching the hoop-la and Hollywood hype of US politics. Scary stuff. You have on one hand a bunch of right wing we-will-save-you-through-God-and-guns candidates compared to a rock star who is reminiscent of JFK and Camelot. The thing is whoever gets elected in the US effects the world. To my mind it’s not looking good either way but then compare that to Aussie politics - the opposition party, the Liberals – who are anything but - got knocked out of power last year because they lost the plot and were so out of touch with everyday Aussies, are electing a new leader. I have to say who cares? Neither contender is the average Joe Blow that has had to struggle in life. They’re silver spooners. Then look at Kevin, our Labor PM – working class boy makes good. It’s the dream isn’t it? So far he has done okay – not fabulous – but okay. So do we want okay people or do we want razzle dazzle running the world? Either way, we take a huge chance.

Like a lot of people I studied poli-sci at Uni. It’s interesting why people vote as they do and how the voters can be swayed by words and promises and glitz. It’s a damn shame most of them will never come to fruition or if they do you have to pay through the nose for them with your taxes. Yep, I reckon it’s true – we elect who we deserve. We strive for more in out own life so why not globally? The whiz bang hype of US elections makes me wonder how whiz bang the world will be feeling this time next year.

Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber. ~Plato
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?