Monday, 22 September 2008

Feral Beryls....

I was listening to the radio, as I do each morning. when I heard about 2 women bashing another woman up. They were all in their late teens/early twenties and the fight started because one woman declined to give the other two a cigarette. Well, of course, that's worth fighting over isn’t it? Denying someone something they want deserves a smack in the ear. What's that? It doesn't? That's feral and disgusting? Well yes it is. And have you noticed how more and more young women are fighting each other? I have sadly grown accustomed to young men beating each other assuming they were high on stupidity and testosterone but young women? Seriously? When exactly was it that women started to lose their dignity? I mentioned the other day on the blog about a pub in Melbourne, Australia offering women free drinks if they dropped their knickers. I have to wonder about who is raising these feral Beryls who find it acceptable to slug it out with other women to get what they want?

When my father was growing up in the city slums of Sydney in the 1930 - 1950's he ran pretty wild. He was one of 13 kids and he ran numbers, sold sly grog (alcohol) to the American soldiers and would think of nothing about going to the next suburb with his mates and pick a fight. That was the mentally he grew up in. I actually wanted to believe we were better than that – that maybe we learned something over the decades and with all the terrorist attacks about making a vague to effort to refrain from beating each up over trivialities.

No, I'm not saying women have to be pristine, virginal types who wouldn't say shit for a shilling but when did women lose their dignity? Their class? Why are we seeing more incidents of these feral Beryls fighting in the streets over what in essence is bloody nothing? Is it nature or nurture? Has society become a place where females have to act this way or are they growing up in households with parents who haven’t got a clue about what is right and wrong? And yes, a woman should be able to defend herself but slug it out with another woman over nonsensical things? I will say it again, as far as we have come as women there are some that are always going to hold us back. I'm all for equality of the sexes but fighting in the street like demented harpies isn’t equality- it’s pathetic. Where is the dignity in that?
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My Lord Raven

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When her father and twin brother are murdered, Lady Catrin Fitzalan sets out to learn the truth about their deaths. Were they killed by the king’s own champion, the vicious King’s Raven? She will do anything to protect her remaining family, including switching places with her cousin when the king forces the pious girl into marriage with his wicked champion.
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