Thursday, 18 September 2008

Bloody tacky...

I heard on that radio this morning about a bar in Melbourne that is offering free drinks for women putting their knickers on the bar. What the? Click here to check it out. Oh, and if they flash their bra they can also get a free drink. My response? Tacky, tacky and bloody tacky. What women with any class or sense would do that? And no, there is no way this is even fun or cute. It’s trashy exploitation of young, probably na├»ve women who think free drinks are fun. It’s purely entertainment for the dumb arsed male drinkers as drunken women parade around without knickers. And it begs the question – are men going to be putting their underdaks on the bar as well?

Maybe I’m old fashioned but to me gimmicks like this and wet t-shirt contests just once again reinforce the fact that as far as we have come as women we have not come far enough if some of us are willing to drop ‘em for drinks. And yeah, you could argue the toss that erotic romance writers don’t help the cause but I think we do. How? Because we give our heroines choices of who and when. It’s up to her and she’s not about to flash her knickers at just anyone – only the hero/heroes – because she is safe to and she is in control. There is empowerment and then there is exploitation. I hope women have more sense to avoid that hotel in droves…but I’m sure some won’t.

Micah Blue review…

“Micah Blue” is a wonderful quick read. Amarinda Jones definitely can make your heart race through the power of her words. The story is definitely highly erotic. Even if the demon is a loser, he still shares some hot moments with Micah. All was not a waste for her in regards to him. The hero in the story is something more. I really enjoyed that he wasn’t just going to be a one-night stand, but also had character and depth. “Micah Blue” will definitely be enjoyed by fans of paranormal erotica!

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