Friday, 19 September 2008

Rate me...

So, I got an email this morning about Male Me doing okay and being rated in a top ten somewhere. That's nice. I appreciate the support from readers and it’s always good to hear you don’t suck completely at something. However, I’m not big on ratings in anything be it writing or life. Why? Because I have never believe in rating people on a scale of one to ten. To me, it’s wrong. It’s the old apples and oranges thing. You can’t compare people, personalties and you never, ever know what brought somewhere to where they are in their life and how can you measure one person’s struggle against another? You can’t.

The only time I cared about ratings was when I desperately wanted out of Promptel, code word for crap phone company, and I wanted a redundancy (retrenchment package). They rated you on a scale a how good an employee you were. The worse you were the more likely you would be to be retrenched. Yes, correct, I went out of my way to be an utter pain in the arse. I even convinced my manager, let’s call him Charlie, to make me sound terrible. I pointed out to him that it actually worked in his favour if I sucked as an employee. How? Because he wanted a redundancy too and if it looked like he could not control his staff then the more likely he was to go as well. Oh yeah – we got out. See where teamwork can get you?

So thank you to everyone who bought Male Me. That you did means more to me than a number on a scale of one to ten.

Survival….changing subjects as I do….we have a couple of magpies swooping people near work. They have nests in nearby trees and they are instinctively protecting their young. I have to admire this pair of maggies as I work in a heavily industrial area with trucks rocketing past, people wearing fluoro safety outfits and continuous motion all around and yet this pair continue to dive bomb people, cars and trucks. They never stop. To me that’s true survival at any cost.

And don’t forget – today September 19th is International Talk like a Pirate dayshiver me timbers.

Taking the Fall – released October 10th at Resplendence Publishing

Jontie Rhodes holds the fate of the future in her hands. The only problem is she doesn't know it. When she attends a friend’s wedding she has one thought in mind. She needs a man. It has been so long since anyone has touched her in passion.

Two men want Jontie. An angel and a demon both know she has a decision to make that can affect the lives of many. They each have a plan to subtly watch her and influence her to suit their own purposes. However what starts out as manipulation soon turns into love.

Jontie is caught between heaven and hell and she is enjoying every hot, sexy moment of it.

“What is it you want, angel?” The tall man with the ash blond pony tail looked at him, not surprised to see him.
“She is not for you, James.” The angel’s tone was most adamant. “You are a demon. She is too pure for you.”
“It is not for you to tell me anything, Saint Gilbert of the anally righteous. We both know I am beyond your limited powers. If I want her, I will have her.”
Gilbert’s hands curled into fists. “You cannot always take what you want.”
“And yet you are here for the same reason as me.” James assessed him with cynical amusement. “You plan to manipulate her as well. You are no better than me, angel.”
“I do not have to justify myself to you, hellhound.”
James threw back his head and laughed. “Is that the best you can do? I have been called much worse.” His eyes locked once more on the woman. “She is fascinating isn’t she?”
“Yes, most beautiful.” Gilbert swallowed hard, trying to focus on keeping control.
James reached out and snagged a glass of white wine from a waiter passing by. “And she does not have a clue of her destiny.”
“I cannot allow you to use that against her.”
“Must you angels always assume those from hell are after something?”
“Historical evidence proves that your brethren only want what is best for them.”
“As do you holier-than-thou types.” James downed his glass in two long swallows. “You cannot tell me that who she is does not interest you, Saint Gilbert.” He reached over and grabbed two more glasses, offering one to the angel at his side.
Gilbert declined his offer. “She is why I am here.”
“You knew I was coming for her.”
“Yes.” That was a fact and they both knew it. They were enemies who would do whatever they had to in order to get their own way.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?