Tuesday, 2 September 2008

In your face…

I got a chance to subtlety say to someone today - in your face. Is that something non-Aussies say? It means to us 'ha, frigging ha, you were wrong.' It's a good feeling. What happened? A while ago a person who had some limited power tried to make me feel inferior. This person made a determined move to smack at my self esteem and try to make me feel less about myself. I didn’t work of course because I'm not about to play that game. I'm not about to have my confidence kicked at by someone that doesn’t know me and wants to keep me under their thumb for their own reasons. The thing is I am fairly sure this person is successful at doing that to others. I have heard the stories. Anyway I got my chance to let this toe-rag know in a big, yet subtle way that they were dead wrong and why – complete with pictures. I think it’s always good to have a visual don’t you? The toe-rag’s response? None. Well what can you say when someone refuses to play your game and then turns around and proves to you what a manipulative sod you are? People like this need to learn they cannot bully others. It makes my blood boil to think other people are treated like crap by this person. Yeah, it is up to the individual to be treated with respect and not accept crap but we all know there are some people feel who feel helpless. Problem is of course, these people prey on them. It's wrong and they need an arse kicking. However it felt good to say in your face – and I may have done the happy dance afterward. Fuck with me? I think not.

I was on my morning walk this morning and I saw this sticker of a near naked woman on the back window of a car. She was in profile, her arms behind her back supporting her body with her ridiculously perky boobs thrust out…actually they looked like they could take an eye out. Her legs were wide apart and her pelvis was off the ground. Hmmm…now come on…what woman can do that for any length of time? Have you tried it? Go on do it…I’ll wait while you do……..see how hard it is? What grown man in his right mind with some basic knowledge of anatomy could expect a woman to keep up that pose without helping her? Of course the car must have belonged to a rev-head twenty something dipstick who probably thought women were all bendable like Barbie. The thing that amuses me is that when this boy finally meets a woman and expects her to do that pose she will laugh her arse off. In some ways I always feel sorry for these boys as it’s gonna’ be a bloody hard lesson for them.

From author Madison Blake….

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Rosanna Harlow was drunk. Not falling down, gut spewing drunk though. More like happy, glowing, in love with the world tipsy. The sort of tipsy that made her cheeks glow red and her green eyes dance with happy enthusiasm. Tomorrow, of course, her face would be pale and her eyes red but that was okay. It was New Years Eve 2005. Rosanna had a lot to celebrate. She had no job and no man in her life. Add to that a broken big toe, from her latest renovating disaster and the fact that she was in debt up to her eyeballs and she was doing just swell, thank you very much. Rosanna Harlow’s life was just one big celebration of madness. She was glad to farewell 2005. As far as Rosanna was concerned, 2005 had been crap. She could not wait to see the back end of the year. Queen Elizabeth, the second, had had her annas horribilus. Rosanna Harlow, the first, was happy to drown 2005 in alcohol.
“Woo hoo!” Rosanna howled at the moon as she staggered around the backyard pool with a glass of champagne in one hand and a ridiculous shiny green party hat perched jauntily on her head. No one at the crowded party noticed her specifically. Everyone else was in varying shades of alcoholic happiness and having just as good a time at the party. It was the second one she and her best friend Prue had attended that night. They would go home soon and collapse. But for the moment Rosanna felt invincible, broken toe and all. She laughed out loud as Prue echoed her call.
Rosanna heard beeping and reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out her mobile phone. She squinted down at the display. “I have a message.” She announced out loud just because she could. Prue cheered drunkenly. Rosanna smiled as she accessed her message with uncoordinated fingers. “Archer? Who the hell is Archer?”
“William Tell was an archer.” Prue informed her in a drunken slur as she barely missed stumbling into the pool she was drunkenly trying to navigate her way around.
“William Tell left me a message?”
“Actually, I think he’s dead.”
Rosanna looked at Prue. “Why would a dead man send me a message?”
“Maybe he’s lonely.” Prue laughed out loud at her own inane comment.
“You’re drunk.”
“As a skunk.” Prue slumped down on a nearby deck chair.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?


barbara huffert said...

Good for you. Perhaps they'll think before trying to intimidate the next person. Happy dance away!

Silly boy. You're right. He'll learn the hard way.

Sandra Cox said...

They just don't learn, do they?
Have a quick day and excellent evening.

Molly Daniels said...

Another book I've accidentally left of the list. Thanks for the reminder!

Anny Cook said...

Rose Perfect was such a good book! And you are right! It's a lovely cover!

Anika Hamilton said...

I usually say "I told you so" but "in your face" works just fine. Serves that person right, I hope they don't try to mess with you again.

Regina Carlysle said...

I HATE bullies! Glad you had that "in your FACE" moment. It always feels so damn good.

You know, I was thinking about that whole "holding the position" thing. Some of those little olympic gymnasts could probably do that but I can't think of anyone else who could. Certainly not me.

Regina Carlysle said...

BTW..terrific excerpt. Had me smiling.

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Ha. In your face is always a good highlight to a day. Savor the moment.