Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Anyone But You….

Anyone But You – released today at Ellora’s Cave – click on the cover to buy.

I have to say I love this cover and it has been removed by others and replaced by me on various sites on a regular basis due to some authorities getting their knickers in a knot over 2 naked people. I bless the cover gods at Ellora’s Cave once more for their amazing talent and controversy is always good.

Now….what is Anyone But You about? As always, my books are based on a period of my life. This one? Have you ever met someone you have disliked intensely for all sorts of half arsed reasons and decided even if he was the only man alive on the planet you would rather sit in the dark and decline his offer to change your light bulb? But suddenly things change and sometimes someone so ‘terrible’ turns about to be anything but…. I knew a man like that a long time ago but that’s another story…

The book that follows this one is Penned Again. It’s due out December.

The blurb…

Verity Kane is normally a calm, efficient worker. Normally nothing upsets her. However in the last six months her patience has been tried dealing with her charming playboy boss, Mercardo Gentry. When she walks in on him having sex with a woman on his desk, she has had enough. It’s about time Mercardo learnt a lesson and she’s the woman to do it.

Mercardo Gentry fell in love with Verity Kane six months ago. He would like nothing more than to get to know her but the lady is most definitely not interested. Can he really be blamed for reading her private diary when he comes across it by accident? When he reads that her most intimate fantasies revolve around him, Mercardo decides to seduce Verity with her own thoughts.

Verity is amazed and aroused that the playboy understands her needs so well. But falling in love with a playboy is not something she counted on. Leaving her job is easy, forgetting Mercardo is impossible.

The excerpt

Ten minutes later, the office door opened and the latest girlfriend passed by Verity’s desk with a very satisfied look on her face.
“Fucking slut,” Verity mumbled under her breath. What was it with women like this? They were perfect in face and form and they never had a hair out of place after being shagged within an inch of their lives. Verity knew if positions were reversed she would be flushed and sweaty and she would probably not be able to find her shoes.
“Did you just swear, Lady Verity?” Mercardo asked mockingly as he came around the cubicle partition to stand beside her.

Verity bit her tongue. He knew she hated being teasingly called Lady Verity. She wasn’t that prim and proper. But then he was never going to know that. Verity intended to remain a functioning robot in his presence. A robot with thigh sweats and a rampantly beating heart but still a mechanical being who had the strength to resist this man. At least one woman had to dent his ego occasionally and she was that girl.
Verity looked up into his amused blue eyes. Mercardo always stood too close. But then he did that with everyone. He was a people person. Verity liked to keep people at a distance. Everyone had their place in her life and no one got close enough to intrude on her space. When he stood so up close and personal to her it gave her a head spin. It wasn’t unpleasant. It was like drinking too much wine and wanting to throw your inhibitions out the window. Verity started thinking all sorts of thoughts she was determined she would never have about him.
“No, of course I would not have sworn.” Verity pushed at her spectacles as they again slid down her nose. She only ever wore them when working on the computer at the office. “I have papers for you to sign.” That’s right, be calm and cool and do not allow him to fluster you. Though that was hard to do when tall, dark and handsome was standing beside you reeking of sin and sex.
“I am sorry if we alarmed you before.”
No you’re bloody not or you would have stopped doing it long ago.
“On page eight you need to sign twice.” This was business. What he did in his office stayed in his office. Verity often had trouble sitting in that closed room with him thinking about what and who he did in there. She handed him that papers.
“No response?” Mercardo murmured in amusement.
“About what?” When under pressure act dense was Verity’s motto.
Mercardo sat down on the edge of her desk and looked at her assessingly.
“Are you always so cool Lady Verity? Do you ever lose control?”
I would like to smack your smug handsome face and maybe realign your already crooked nose. How’s that for control?

An email from Amarinda mail…

I have a project I want you to run with us. It involves exportation of35,000 barrels of crude oil daily from Kirkuk, Iraq.If you are interested, email me via:
Mr. Yan.

Gee, I only have an average size sedan. I guess I could try and fit a barrel in to help out. How big do you reckon a barrel is? And Iraq? What is the distance from Australia to there? And its not the safest place in the world right now but for all that Mr Yanstrangely not an Iraqi name – sounds like he knows what he is talking about. I will consider this offer with the penis enhancement offers I have and treat them both with the respect they deserve. Why doesn’t someone offer me ice cream or chocolate? Maybe I’m already enhanced enough for those…
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?