Monday, 13 October 2008


George Bush irritated me the other day when he prattled on about us ‘all being in this together.’ Hmmm…are we? When the Wall Street or whatever moguls were making a shit load of money was there any togetherness then? Did you see any of that? I didn’t. But now we have to be all touchy feely and tighten our belts and weather the frigging storm these dickhead people threw us in to. Don’t we scrimp and save enough now without having to do more? And how ‘together’ will we really be? These greedy sods will still play the stock market short selling stocks. How are they going to come together with us? How are they going to come together with retirees that saw there savings diminish? How are they going to come together with third world nations? Do they give a rat’s arse that greed and stupid mismanagement, economic policy and back scratching has put us in this position? Ah no, I think not.

How much togetherness is there really? Yes, we come together in times of great tragedy like terrorist bombings, tsunami and famine. But I tend to think during this time of world financial crisis we are all hunkering down and looking after ourselves because frankly who the hell can you trust? If you believe the taxi driver I spoke to the other day he said put ‘your money in gold’. Hmm, that would be okay if you had the money and how safe is gold? If you believe the Superannuation funds (410k funds I think you call them) don’t panic and pull out your retirement money even though it makes you puke when you see how it has dropped. The housing market says put money in bricks and mortar because it’s safer than paper stock and bonds. Riiight. I am thinking of collecting coffee jars and stashing cash under the bed. I would only need to protect myself with a baseball bat then. Finally – some control.

So Kev, our Prime Minister is making sure Australia weathers the financial storm that appears to be getting worse.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has taken unprecedented action to safeguard Australia's banking system, placing the nation on a war-like footing to deal with the global financial crisis.
After two days of crisis talks with senior ministers and bureaucrats, Mr Rudd announced a three-pronged plan to further ensure the stability of the Australian financial system, including a government guarantee for up to $700 billion in deposits.

Yeah – we’re doing okay but we are going to do better and get out of this. I’m not dumb. I know we all trade internationally and are connected financially. But this is a good sign for Australia and the hard reality is we have to look after ourselves whichever country we belong to and pretty words about togetherness are just that.

And I also read this....

LONDON (AFP) - Undertakers hit by the financial crisis are refusing to carry out funerals unless they get paid in advance, The Mail on Sunday newspaper reported.
With undertakers unable to extend credit, some poor families are having to wait more than two months before receiving government help paying for funerals, the weekly tabloid said.

People die – people have to bury them – no $$ equals no funeral it seems. Are the Undertakers being cruel? No, they have to survive too. It’s a crap catch-22 situation.

Yes…what a pissy mood I am in but I do not suffer fools gladly and it is Monday after all. I’ll be all sparkly tomorrow…possibly…
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