Sunday, 26 October 2008

Of oranges and bird feathers….

So I dragged my arse out of bed this morning determined to get moving and not let a simple operation knock me down for the count. I have only one speed and that is full on. I gathered up the laundry and wandered downstairs. I made an executive decision on getting up that I would not change from pjs all day. I feel I can allow myself this luxury under the circumstances. So far my attire has only scared flower delivery people. One man I swear was going to fall down the steps at the loveliness of my appearance. That or he was backing away because he thought he may rush forward and ravish me because I look mighty fine in flannelette.

Anyway, on perusing the back yard I noticed two things. One there were three oranges on the lawn - and two there were a lot of feathers on the ground. I don’t have an orange tree and once again, due to the drought, the mango tree does not look like it is going to do its thing this year. Bugger. No fresh mangos unless I buy them. Whinge, bitch, moan. As for the oranges, I chose to believe aliens from outer space dropped them in the yard. Why? Because they could and they wanted to confuse life on Earth. I have no other theory as to why three oranges are there so I’m sticking with that.

The bird feathers – there were lots of them. I have a lot of trees and a lot of birds hang out in my backyard and sometimes they all do not get on. I have seen birds attacking each other so I believe that was what happened yesterday – or the alien space ship that dropped the oranges scooped up the birds but did not want the feathers so they plucked them. I feel this is probably the most logical answer as I saw no carcass and I suspect there are a couple of naked birds on planet Zork wondering what the hell is going on. No, I’m not on drugs. This is my normal lucid state…scary huh?

That’s it for today – now totally knackered…what will tomorrow bring at chez Amarinda?
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