Saturday, 4 October 2008

As night falls…

…in old Brizzie town, I just sent off my latest work to my editor. There is a great satisfaction in doing this. Why? Because it’s done and I can stop thinking about things my vampires would do and not do. But like anyone – writer or not – it’s good to have accomplished something and to be able to move on. Will I get a contract? Who knows? It’s a game of wait and see and no writer should ever expect one. That’s crazy talk man. I believe if you think you will always get a contract then you’re going to fall on your arse one day when you don’t.

Writer rule number one – have a thick skin.
Writer rule number two – expect nothing.
Writer rule number three – keep cellulite on arse to soften falls.

Whew – lucky rule number three is easy for me.

So, now I leave you with a brand new release from hot, new Ellora’s Cave author Kit Catlyn. The book – When Night Falls. Doesn’t that just conquer up all sorts of delicious images? It’s about a shapeshifter. Now, I have read this book. What I love about it is its so soulful and romantic while providing a heat that makes you gasp at the intensity and sigh with the passion of the characters. Not many books can do that but Kit Catlyn has achieved that. I didn’t regret buying it and neither will you. So click on the cover and enjoy.

When Night Falls by Kit Catlyn – out now at Ellora’s Cave.

The blurb…

A virile stranger strides into Taylor Cautrell's dreams and makes passionate love to her. Shortly after the dreams begin, Taylor rescues an injured wolf. The erotic dreams increase in intensity. The black wolf lies at her hearth during the day but disappears at night. Taylor doesn't believe in shapeshifters, but she's beginning to wonder if her black-haired, nighttime lover is a wolf. With each passing day, her passion for her wolf and for her nocturnal lover grows.
But Taylor's life is about to be shattered when she is stalked by the most deadly predator of all — man.

The excerpt…

Last night the dream came again, more haunting, more intense than any of its predecessors.
Her lover came to her. His eyes glittered gold, his hair black and luxuriant fell to his shoulders. He drew her nightshirt over her head, tossed it to the floor then took her hand. Together, they walked to a place deep in the forest.
Instead of the snows of winter, the warm scents of summer filled her nostrils. Wolves, with eyes that glittered amber like her lover’s, circled the two of them. The predators sat on their haunches, their tongues hanging out the sides of their mouths watching.
His cool thin lips closed over hers and instantly warmed. His tongue teased the deep wet cavern of her mouth. Her breath caught in her throat and her body arched against his.
Her fingers trailed down his lean, muscled body, feeling each rib and hard ab then lowered to circle the throbbing flesh pressed against her stomach. She marveled at the velvet texture of his cock as it quivered and jumped in her hands.
With a low growl, he tore his lips from hers, nipping kisses down to her small firm breast. Her arms fell limp to her sides as she dangled, boneless over his arm, her hair hanging down behind her. She gasped with pleasure as his moist tongue circled her nipple then his lips suctioned it into his mouth.
Her stomach muscles jumped as his hand slid down her stomach and cupped the soft wet mound between her legs. Bending on one knee, he lowered her to the ground.
She shifted, restless, as an occasional pine needle bit into her back. Her core throbbed with desire. She stared up into those strange glittering eyes. He held her gaze as he plunged into her. His engorged shaft moved in and out of her wet center, driving deeper and deeper in a rhythmic motion ’til the stars burst in the heavens and the wolves howled in unison to her cry of release.

….and it gets even better from there….

For the happiest life, rigorously plan your days, leave your nights open to chance. ~Mignon McLaughlin, The Second Neurotic's Notebook, 1966
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