Thursday, 9 October 2008

Atta’ girl Doreen…

Brisbane woman, Doreen, 65 took on 4 much younger, male car thieves when they intruded into her home. Click here for more. Doreen beat them – literally. Good for Doreen. I admire her for protecting what’s hers. No, I don’t recommend everyone does it. Would I? Hell yes. You make the mistake of coming into my house unannounced then you get what you deserve. But that’s me. Some people are more confident than others. Doreen certainly is. And it has nothing to do with age. I like that women are still strong and confident as they get older. Too often I read stories where women (and men) in their 60’s and 70’s or even 80’s are considered elderly. That term pisses me off. Why? Who is to judge who is elderly? I know 20 and 30 year olds who carry on like crotchety old hags who whine like they are at death’s door. But then they’re the sort that age badly. What is my point? We have to stop tagging people in certain categories based on perceptions. Just because you get older – you don’t get useless. There will always be the whiny exception but let them be just that. Don’t assume everyone is useless or past it because they have lived life.

I work with a 19 year old woman. I am 44. She often makes the mistake of trying to make me and others feel old. Stupid girl. She pays the price for her cutting remarks. She has learned much since tangling with me. I will not have her or anyone else treating her work mates as less because she has some skewed perception of age. Yeah, you’re right – she knows stuff all at 19. Who does? But I am teaching her not to underestimate any woman at any age as she will get a surprise. She has had a few with me and no doubt more are in store for her. Would I go back to being 19? Hell no. I am what I am and I like me.

Back to these dickheaded thieves. What sort of men are these? Real men do not steal. Real men have class and honor. Imagine being the mother or father of these creatures? How proud would you be? I’m glad Doreen taught ‘em a lesson. Probably the only one they have ever had. Atta’ girl Doreen.

Contest winners for Taking the Fall are – Michelle and Angela - thanks to all that entered. There will be another contest for Anyone but You released 22nd October through Ellora's Cave.

Micah Blue - review

This is a sexy romp that will make you laugh out loud. Micah is so much the classic woman in the fact that we are all afraid to fall in love and believe in the fairy tale. Ned is a wonderful hero determined that at the end of the day he will prevail. When these two come together it is one hot steamy scene after another and Ms. Jones keeps the reader hanging on just to see how it would end.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?