Saturday, 25 October 2008

Back on deck...sorta...

Knock Three Times review

This one has enough twists and turns to please me and any one else I do believe. A woman with a boyfriend, secrets upon secrets, burglars, hot screaming sex, mayhem, and fear, panic and a few frills and dressin's.... throw in some humor and a keen wit and you have a fun read.
Posted by reviewer: WitchGiggles

Back from hospital – gall is bladder gone. Thanks to all the great staff at the Holy Spirit Hospital Northside. And no, being the out and out heathen that I am I did not get struck down by the omnipotent hand from a supposed higher power as I entered the hospital. Either they do not exist or I was too quick for them. Anyway feeling pukeable and I have had to restore every bloody file again on my computer because it chose today to lose it.... so a very short blog tonight as I am sore and now cranky.

'Sick to death of hearing about how many gazillion dollars the Republican Party in the US spent on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe when they could have put that money to good use elsewhere. Shoulders pads do not win elections in the current economic climate. Yeah, the woman intrigues me due to how far she had got and no one seems to know why but I personally would not vote for clothes. I expect she won’t get in as I believe the US wants another Camelot with the nearest thing to JFK they can have with Obama. To be honest, like any political parties they all sound the bloody same to me – be they Aussie or overseas. Let’s get the hoop-la done and move on and solve the problems sans shoulder pads.

LAST MAN STANDING is a thrill ride of adventure that places two very strong and passionate people on a collision course for love. Smart dialogue and ingenious situations will have you riding along with Amy through her mire of emotions. Amy Hart is easily the most likable character in this novel. She has not had the best of experiences where Alex is concerned, yet she takes each new hurdle in stride, unafraid to stick up for herself and willing to stand her ground and to stand behind the man she loves.

Alex is the quintessential tortured hero; his scars and the prophecy that hangs over his head make him the ultimate hero. His responses to Amy and his outward reluctance to embrace his feelings may have been justified, but clearly did not reflect the man within. He has incredible honor and, scared or not, he is absolutely sexy.

LAST MAN STANDING is a wonderful addition to any eBook collection. Nevertheless, I would recommend reading SWIFT OF HEART prior to LAST MAN STANDING, which is also available at Cerridwen Press. ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?