Sunday, 12 October 2008

Oh no, no, no…

Kim: I'm not criticizing you, I'm just saying you look bad.

It’s just wrong, wrong, wrong. When I heard the news I thought – Oh no – there’s just no way it will work. We’re too different.

What am I on about? The American version of Kath & Kim. True Kath & Kim fans know there is no way this television series can translate into American. It just can’t and it looks like the ratings for the US version have proved that. Humor, although it may be universal, does not always cross every barrier. As similar as we may be – we are very much different.

What is the Aussie version of Kath & Kim about? Basically Kath (the blonde with the frizzy hair) is the mother of the trashy Kim who thinks she is as foxy or as hot as or better than Elle McPherson. You know the sort – always tries to wear the latest fashion even though they do not suit her figure. Kim is married to the long suffering Brett who takes his sales job in the electronics story very seriously. He is treated like crap by the selfish Kim . Kath is Kim’s mother and she is married to the Kel – the studly, ladies man butcher and they have quite the sex life. It’s a tacky, trashy show that revolves around their lives. It’s a parody on Aussies that we all know exist and maybe we all have a little Kath & Kim in us.

The best character of all is Sharon Strezlecki. Sharon is the overweight, netball playing, ever hopeful of romance best friend of Kim. She is down trodden yet incredibly positive that something good will happen in life. I love Sharon. She is a woman that goes on regardless and makes the most of whatever terrible situation she is faced with – and the US version does not have a Sharon in it. Again – it’s just wrong, wrong, wrong. I was wondering if that was to do with the superficial issue of weight?

I don’t watch a lot of TV but I do watch Kath & Kim – the Aussie version. I like this slice of trashy suburban Aussie life. Will I be watching the US version that airs in Oz tonight and I suspect will not be on next week? Oh hell no. Just the small snatches I have seen make me vomatose.

…Some people are really protective and horrified that we’re doing it in the United States,” Blair said. “It’s a case of, “How could you? Oh my god you might ruin it.”
The Sunday Mail 12th October 2008

No, the Aussie version is not ruined. The US version is crap and cringe worthy. Thankfully it will be off TV soon. Okay - whinge, bitch, moan over….

Brett: Kim, please come home... I don't know how to use the washing machine.
Kim: Oh. That's all I am to you? Just a slave? Well I don't know how to use the washing machine either, Brett.

Speaking of suburban life…a neighbour I had never seen before came over and told me they were going to have a surprise party for the bare chested, long haired man – no, trust me, you don’t want a picture – across the street. She said they may be loud and a little wild. Thank you for telling me. So that night I waited for the said loudness and or wildness. There was none. I was tempted to go over and tell them how disappointed I was. You call that loud? I am more loud and wild as I drive to work singing to the radio. Sigh…where have all the ratbags gone?
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?