Monday, 27 October 2008

Follow that fanatical dream…

I’m off work this week due to the gall bladder thingy. Anyway, I checked in with my boss at work just to confirm I was not dead, and no my coffee cup, my sharp knife (apples not backs) and paper clip necklace collection was not up for grabs. He said ‘don’t worry about us we’ll be fine.’ Trust me. I wasn’t worried. Maybe I could have feigned worry but I wasn’t in the mood for pretence. Besides it’s work. Who worries about that? Worlds within worlds still turn regardless who is or is not there. Have you noticed that? For example, look at the US elections. Aren’t we sick to death of all those smiling people, shaking hands, kissing babies and making Disney promises? In a week or so when it all ends whichever personality loses the US elections, they will go on with their lives as will everyone else and in a months time the winner will be fending of allegations of something or other – you see it all the time. Winner – loser – politics – all the players are cardboard and interchangeable and out for what they can get. But we know that and we try, regardless of country or political system, to pick the one least likely to stuff up. We do the best for us with what we’re stuck with and dreams only last twenty four hours after the last champagne cork has been popped.

It amuses and worries me how wrought up people get at elections. How they believe their party must win at all costs. Really? What are the costs when it comes to winning? What does one have to trade on their soul to get where you want to go? I find the diehards that follow other people on to victory scary people. Why? Have you ever listened to them? They sound so one-eyed, almost like they would rather the opponent die than live, that the winner must be their candidate or their world ends and that the whole world will be so much better and brighter with their chosen one. How does anyone know that? How can you place so much faith in one human being not to let you down? That’s not rational when someone is running for something they want and will do it whether you’re there or not. Aren’t you just someone holding a placard and cheering amongst another bunch of people holding placards in a cheering crowd of people holding placards? Does the guy at the front of the crowd waving really care? Isn’t it a popularity contest after all and he will say whatever carefully crafted monologue he has to in order to win?

Yes, I believe that hope springs eternal and that sometimes it is the only thing that keeps us from true and utter despair. Believe in yourself and what you want and do your best to get it. But can you pin your hopes on another personality, their/group ideal and one carefully manufactured dream? Is that reality? Or are you several inches past reality and living in some little fantasy world no longer your own?

Yep – there will always be leaders. Yep – there will always be followers. But I also believe that there are individuals who think for themselves and do not get all fanatical about someone else’s dreams. And yes – I’ll open this up for comment…
by all means do.

Thought for the day….

Opinions are fine if based on fact and reasoning and not ridiculous hatred of one person. Anyone can hate. That requires no thought.
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Regina Carlysle said...

As you well know I'm a huge political junkie but it, for me at least, is based on what party stands for what issues. The party that I hope will be in power is more able to convey my hopes and dreams for a better running society. When our basic civil rights are ignored, then it is time to take a stand with the political party who will work to bring about the desired changes and protections. The executive branch should work hand in hand with the legislative branch to send us in a desirable direction. Sometimes it doesn't happen but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try...HOPE for the right results.

It has become obvious over the past 8 years that our executive branch of gov't is more secretive, pushing an agenda that lines the pockets of cronies, invades countries that haven't attacked us for oil profits and to promote Democracy. Promoting democracy by invasion is never a good idea as we see by the quagmire that is Iraq. Over 4000 dead, untold number injured and a cost to the American people that is out of the stratosphere. Meanwhile, our roads, bridges, and schools crumble. The constitution? What constitution? They ignore it to promote agendas that aren't in the public interest.

Maybe, in the end, our voting does nothing but we have to try. Anyone can sit on their hands and bitch and whine and moan but if you do NOTHING, you achieve Nothing. If voting doesn't do it, write to your senators or representatives, repeatedly, if necessary. One voice might not make a diffence but many together can achieve change. I'm not a cynic YET. I still have hope and yeah, maybe I'm naive but I couldn't look at myself in the mirror if I didn't stay informed about the world around me and try to fix what isn't working.

Sorry this is so long but you knew it WOULD be. LOL. Excellent and thought provoking post, my dear.