Thursday, 2 October 2008

Never talk about religion or politics…

Sarah Palin…I’m an Aussie but I’ll give my two cents on her – take or leave it. Regina – hold onto your handbag girl. She doesn’t bother me - and I am a socialist and yes, I am an Aussie who does not vote in the US elections. But what you do there affects Australia and the world. Like most elections, the candidates all sound the same to me regardless of party. Promises are made, arses kissed and smiles bestowed in the best Hollywood fashion. Every candidate gives the “defining speech of the lives” that a speechwriter has agonized over a scotch bottle on. It’s no bloody different in Australia. People will vehemently hate a candidate, while others could not give a rat’s arse. They were just turning up on polling day because they knew there would be a sausage sizzle and lamingtons for sale.

Anyway, back to Sarah Palin. Regardless of her politics, she interests me. How? The fact that she is in the position she is in. How did she get there? And no, I don’t support any of her ideas about gays or abortion or guns or the war in Iraq. That’s too redneck for me. But step away from the politics for a moment and ponder how a relatively unknown person – a woman – managed to get herself in the position of being a VP candidate. As much as I admire the strength of Hillary Clinton, even she could not get the VP nomination. So how did this chick from Alaska get it? Doesn’t that fascinate you? It does me. She is on the threshold of possible great power. How did she do it? Was it something she knew that she exploited to get to the top? Did she talk her way into it? Or did she use rat cunning to get there?

While you may hate the ideology of this woman, I admire what it must have taken – and we’ll probably never know until years later when memoirs are written – to get to where she is. It also reinforces to me that women can do anything. Hate her, love her or think she is a dipstick – that does not matter. She got to a position of power that no other woman has and I have to admire whatever it was that got her there.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?