Friday, 31 October 2008

Freaky Friday…

Maid For Death

Cassandra Kent has a problem. Two men want her. Fantasy is great, reality can kill you.

One would be lover is a pissed off ghost. Once a year Miles returns on Halloween to kill a maid as an act of vengeance. The other is a dark, sexy Scot who is hunting the ghost. Sebastian plans to make sure the ghost stays dead and buried. Cassandra is the means to do it.Cassandra is under threat from both men.

Both want to have sex with her and both could be the death of her. What's s girl to do?

Isn’t this cover pretty? It’s a collection of Halloween sexy, spooky stories available from Ellora’s Cave. My story Maid for Death is in there. It’s based on a real period of my life and a ghost I knew of. Was the hot Scottish ghost hunter in my story real? Well, he was certainly Scottish and awfully nice ….ah, memories…head slap…move on.

So – we don’t do the Halloween thing in Oz….well I guess some people cave in to the American tradition but we do tend to hold to our own beliefs. As small as the world has become, living down under keeps us true to who we are. Other cultures – I love ‘em - they’re fascinating but not to the point that I want to emulate them. I like that we all retain individuality. In the end you are who you are. To thine own self be fair dinkum and spooky stuff happens all the time.

And yes – dressing up for Halloween is fun – it’s stress relief – we all need that – but just think for a moment if we put all the money spent on Halloween into real scary things like - feeding hungry children, helping endangered children, funding crisis centres for teens and abused women, schools, the homeless, medical research, transport, substance abuse programs, treatment for depression, planning for the world’s aging population …you know I could go on and on. No, you don’t have to agree with me and call me what you want. The fact is donations are tax deductible and they also make you feel good and I think the world would be a little less scary all the time for those in need. Just a thought

That’s it – I will settle back tonight with a glass of the old amber liquid and contemplate my navel –
how the heck did my gall bladder come out of there?

….hoping you are the same….

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