Thursday, 30 October 2008

Thursday once more….

Saw the doc today…I had two vital questions –

1. When can I have plonk?
2. When can I stop wearing these bloody stockings?

Quote – ‘you can return to your normal lifestyle.’ Woo hoo! But all kidding aside, this has served as a good reminder to me to be thankful for my normal good health and not to take it for granted. I am lucky.

I got another book contract the other day. That’s a good thing. It means someone does not think my writing sucks. Well, actually, I’m sure someone thinks my writing sucks but there are others who have faith in it. Faith verses sucking – I’ll take faith for two hundred points thanks, Bob.

Anyway, to a scribbler such as myself that means I continue on with the next book. There’s always a story somewhere churning in your brain or written on a notepad piled on pieces of paper with other stories. And I do have one that was coming along nicely and I looked at it this morning and thought – yes, I like it – but….hmmm…I don’t feel like dealing with you characters at the moment. I will. When I am ready to. I just felt the sudden need to jump from one book to another. I think that reflects my mood at the moment – all over the bloody place. So I started another vampire book. It follows on from Prince Vampire, who follows on from Marlow’s Curse and Shades of Gray – you know the whole this begat that thing. Moods – you gotta’ go with ‘em or they’re going to take you there regardless.

A work friend emailed me to see how I was and said ‘you’re probably not drinking enough coffee.’ I suspect she is right. It’s so much easier to have some expert make it and hand it to you. I pointed out to her that my breasts are probably safe from shrinkage at the moment. Did you see that news story last week about how three or more cups of caffeine make your boobs shrink? Load of crap of course but I like that idea. Less boobage to deal with is excellent. Anyway we went on to discuss other myths – when we were teenagers we had this dangerous belief that if we coated our legs in baby oil – some used olive oil – that it made out legs tan faster. Yeah right. All that meant was we had really sticky, greasy legs. I have never tanned in my life. I burn. I tend to avoid the sun. Probably why I like vampires.

Other myths that fascinate me are those lotions that guarantee – for 72.5% of women (translation those genetically disinclined to bloat and are freakishly unnaturally beautiful) that you will rid yourself of cellulite in 14 days. Yeah, I’ve tried it. I’m not in that percentile and even though I make myself walk an hour a day, the hail damage is still evident on my thighs. Yes, how attractive am I? I personally believe that we are all screwed up genetically in some way and whatever it is we are never going rid ourselves of the problem. So throwing money at it seems crazy. Buy chocolate instead and avoid looking at your thighs.

Anyone but Youreview – total credit for this book goes to my editor at Ellora’s Cave. I absolutely suck at formatting manuscripts. This one was a nightmare of epic proportions because somehow - and I have no idea how – I managed to have the letter ‘p’ at the end of hundreds of sentences. When I sent the ms in it wasn’t there but in editing it appeared. It drove my editor insane. So, once again I apologize to H and as always I am grateful beyond mere words. Thank you.

The review…

Amarinda Jones has created a story that is captivating. It has spicy sex and dramatic intrigue. There is so much going for this book that there are almost no words to describe how great it is. As an avid reader, this is the kind of book I enjoy reading. I can not wait to read whatever Amarinda Jones comes out with next.
Go ahead: Live with abandon. Be outrageous at any age. What are you saving your best self for?