Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Early morning, as I am walking, it often amuses me to watch the bravehearts in action. Who are they? They’re the people who drive at 100km in a 60 zone and on the wrong side of the street. Yep, that’s showing us how daring they are at 4:30am when there are no cops in our sleepy suburb. Boy, for those of us awake, we’re impressed at what a wild child you are. I mean really, why would you bother? Is there some vicarious thrill in doing it? Does it make them feel brave to go against the law for a couple of minutes?

I believe these people are related to the people who post ‘Anon’ comments. Their comments are usually so bitchy and so off base that really I wonder why they bother commenting at all with their “I’m so brave that I’m going to comment but not leave my real name for fear someone will know me” mentality. Huh? What’s the point? To me you lose credibility the minute you post as anon as it invalidates your opinion because you cannot back up your beliefs with who you are – and if you are that worried about someone finding out who you are, then maybe consider the language you use and we won’t. I am sure you’ll agree most of us can work out who the ‘anon’ people are. Get some balls.

Anon’s are like the people who steal the newspaper off your front lawn. Whoa! How daring you are. We are all so not impressed with your bravado. Or those nitwits who spray paint graffiti in the dead of night tagging things to let us know they’re on the planet and can spell phonetically. Yes, just dead impressed with you too.

Worse still are those super heroes that rob the elderly or king hit someone to steal their mobile (cell) phone or shoes. Yes, I’m sure in your own mind you are a legend. To me you are a waste of space.

So what is the point of this ramble? If you are brave you do the right thing for the right reasons and you stand up and be counted without worrying about the cost. That’s brave. Hiding in the dark or striking from behind are the actions of the weak and no one admires that.

Okay – off the terribly brave to….

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