Thursday, 8 January 2009

Why romance books will save the world...

….Okay, so maybe that's a big call but I have been thinking how the economy is stuffed and how we can help it in our own small way. Romance books are the answer. Romance by itself will not do it. Sure, I could spruik on and on about “make love and not war” but that doesn’t help the economy. Romance can relax people but unless the sales of lingerie and adult toys increased due to said romance then just by itself it's not going to cut it. This is where romance books come in. By getting people buying them and reading them that puts cash back into the economy. No, correct, I do not have an economics degree. I have an airy, fairy arts/sociology/psyche degree. It sounds good but doesn’t mean a great deal….maybe just that you can put initials after your name and tell everyone “BA” means ‘beautifully adorable’. I did attempt to take one semester of economics at University but honestly as soon as I found out I had to calculate things using fractions and algebra and look at graphs and icky things like that I broke into a sweat and dumped the course for fear of dehydration.

So, if you keep a writer writing and buying their books….

- junk food sales go up
- alcohol consumption increases (no, me neither, I’m too pure)
- headache tablets are scoffed like candy
- sales in eye drops increase
- sudden guilty urges to get healthy – due to alcohol and junk food consumption – means writers will buy expensive fad weight loss products.
- new toys will be bought by the writer to make writing easier…at least that’s what they’ll tell you.

So when you go online and buy a bunch of e-books - not only are you saving the planet by being environmentally friendly but you are helping the economy. I am sure that also means we are all one step further away from hell.
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