Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Desperately seeking something…

Of late of have been wondering about desperation. Am I desperate? Nah, I’m pushy but I’m too lazy to be desperate.

So what do I mean? Well, you know those people you see around you who always want something so badly that they go manic trying to get it? They want the man, the woman, the job, the book sales, the award, the money, the whatever. Yes, there is nothing wrong with ambition and need. If not for those we would have nothing. It’s more I wonder about the people who get so edgy with need that they start to alienate other people with their over-selling. I think there is a fine line between ambition and desperation and once that’s crossed people lose interest. Speaking for myself, the more you badger me for something or the louder or more forceful you are then the less likely you will ever get it. Desperation to me is a weakness and I think once people spot that weakness they begin to wonder about the person behind it. Why does she want this so badly? Is no one interested in the product she is selling? What’s wrong with it that she has to force it on us?

What interests me more are the quiet people. The ones who sit and watch and think. The ones that are there but they’re not pushing. I want to know more about them. Why aren’t they selling themselves? What’s their product? What’s their story? I often find the most fascinating man in a room is the one who sits and observes then makes his move. And I think that’s what’s missing when it comes to the desperate ones. They are so needy to succeed that they don’t stop and think about how they are being perceived.

Yes, we are all human and we will do as we chose and act as we want but I just have to wonder if your current action plan is not working are you coming across as a little desperate? You are a great product however you sell yourself, for whatever reason. Just consider your market. Maybe take a moment and be like the quiet man – observe, listen and then get what you want because you know the field.

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