Friday, 30 January 2009

Friday Rant...

‘I understand’…to me this is the most patronizing statement I have ever heard. How can someone who does not know you and has no idea how you really think ‘understand’? I read it in an email the other day and I just thought ‘what are you talking about? Have you read anything I have said to you? What is there to understand?’ The whole tone of the email made me think ‘you patronizing sod.’ I refrained from commenting as I dearly wanted to as I knew the person would have no idea of what I was saying or meaning let alone hope they actually read my email so it would have been a waste of energy. Yeah, I am pissed with all those ‘understanding’ types out there.

Here’s what I believe – take it or leave it – while we all share air space no one can tell another that they ‘understand’ what they are going through – or - in some cases you’re going through nothing more but everyday life. Is it a need for this ‘understanding’ people to feel superior? Or I believe it’s more likely that person is projecting their fears on you. If so, bugger off. Deal with your life and I’ll deal with mine. ‘I understand’ is just as annoying as ‘I know.’ What do you 'know?' How I feel or how the person next to me feels or someone living in Upper Kumbucka West feels? Really? You may have had similar experiences or feelings but knowing and understanding are private things that concerns the individual. I would much prefer people say ‘I can only imagine how you feel’ because this is the best any human can do, unless we are psychic.

And for god sake read an email before you answer….

My suggestion – unless you are indeed a mind reader then don’t patronize another with what you ‘think’ you ‘know’ of how another is feeling because you don’t and you and you’ll be wrong.

Rant over….oh wait…late news…

I believe people who deliberately start fires need to be shot. No really, if you get a thrill out of seeing people fighting for their lives or trying to save their homes then we don’t need you on the planet…leave now. Okay…rant officially over now.
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