Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Sunshine and lollipops...

I dreamed of Hugh Jackman last night….not sure why…I’m pretty damn certain he was not dreaming of me….anyway, what has that to do with sunshine and lollipops? Well, it you like, sunshine and lollipops convey happy, nice things. Hugh Jackman could, if you like, be equated to a lollipop…

What am I rambling about? I will tell you…I am intrigued and admittedly a bit worried – and I never normally worry because angst is bad for your skin – about this rush of belief that the new US president will save the world. First up – I believe any change of government in any country is a good thing. It stimulates thinking and people do become interested in the important issues. That’s a good thing. In Oz when working class-boy-made-good Kevin took the top job I was pleased for I am a Socialist at heart – no, I’m not a Communist – too much sharing - though as a young man my father would attend their meetings for the free food – but then I used to attend an after school church program on the corner from our house for the free orange cordial and biscuits(cookies). That’s only smart. But I digress….I find this huge popstar worship of one man is frightening. Yes, I admire Obama. I do. He has overcome much but how can any one man solve the bloody huge mess the US economy is in, the war in Iraq/Afghanistan and everywhere else and the social condition of Americans on a whole while keeping people happy? While I believe being positive is 90% of life ( the other 10% is rat cunning), believing the man will deliver sunshine and lollipops and good times and puppy dogs is asking too much in my belief. No one person can do that. It will take years to sort stuff out. People will still lose jobs, die in stupid wars and businesses will go broke. Will the good will and hype and popstar devotion still remain when the puppy dog, sunshiny beliefs are tested? Hell of a job to take on Obama…good luck with that. I’ll support you but I don’t think the sun shines out of you for you are just one man. If you falter I hope people remember you are human.

So back to Hugh…while being attracted to happy, nice – and his case down right sexy things – they’re not always real – they’re an ideal. While it’s nice to dream – I believe it’s better to be realistic and know that no one can be or promise sunshine or lollipops or make dreams can true.

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