Friday, 16 January 2009

Of Tilly and Tuttles….

‘Want a chance to win a copy of two brand new e-books releases from Ellora’s Cave? Of course you do.

Linked by Barbara Huffert and Tantalizing Tilly by Amarinda Jones are out now. To be in the running to be a winner just answer these two simple questions:-

1. Where does Tori see the killers?

2. What creatures is Tilly fighting off?

The answers are in the blurbs. Click on the two covers for the blurbs. Simple. The first correct entry drawn at random will win both copies. The second and third entries drawn win one book each. Send your two answers to either or Contest closes midnight (EST USA) Sunday 19th January. Good luck.

I have a confession….

…yes, a lot of you already know…I am not a natural red head…oh wait…that’s not my confession…it’s about the author Twanna LaFawn. If you voted for Twanna in the recent poll – thank you. I appreciate it. For those who emailed me and asked was I Twanna? Nope, I’m not. For those who said ‘Is Twanna a made up person? Yes, she is or was. Why did I do it? Well, it was by way of an experiment. I nominated Twanna and her book Lingering Longing Lust – yes pukeable title - because I wanted to see how these ‘vote for me’ contests worked. I think its great and validating when a reader or reviewer nominates you – but when you nom yourself and then badger the crap out of people to vote for you – what’s that about? And why should people vote for you if they have never read the book? Don’t you want people to vote who appreciate your words? Not because they were sick to death of hearing from you in daily emails reminding you to vote.

Anyway, so I nom’ed Twanna. It wasn’t hard. I plonked in a made up website and I said she self-published. No official person checked to see if she was real or not. I could have nominated Teddy the Wonder Lizard…maybe next year. Then, I placed the odd note here or there – not a lot – asking people to vote for Twanna. I even indicated she was invisible. Anyway people voted for her. Do I feel bad about it? No because we have choices in life to do things – voting for someone you have never heard of included. What did I get out of it? It interests me the way people think and act. I like to study that. It also interests me to see what lengths someone can go to – if they choose – to win a contest and get whatever the prize is. And yes, Twanna did well – she did not win but that was never the intention.

From MASH – remember this….classic…

Hawkeye- There is no Tuttle
Clayton- No Tuttle
Blake- No Tuttle
Hawkeye- Not anymore sir (he holds up dogtags) that's all that's left
Blake- How did it happen?
Hawkeye- Well you know Tuttle, no sacrifice too great. This morning while the rest of us were selfishly having a cup of coffee he went off in a helicopter to do some field surgery. He jumped with his plasma, his bag, everything an army doctor needs except his parachute
Houlihan- Oh, how awful

Clayton- I'll see that he gets a personal citation for this
Blake- I think all of us that knew and loved Tuttle would like to pay tribute to this heroic man and I think it's only fitting that the man who knew him best, Captain Pierce deliver the eulogy
Burns- (To Houlihan) That's not true, I knew him best
Houlihan- Shh
Hawkeye- We can all be comforted by the thought that he's not really gone, there's a little Tuttle left in all of us, in fact you might say that all of us together made up Tuttle
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