Monday, 5 January 2009

I had to go speak to the vampires….

….today because the Greek god asked me to. I have to admit its kind of hard knocking back a Greek god when he is displaying such a large instrument in his hand. Although I was not dressed to deal with vampires and I only have a container of minced garlic in the fridge, I wandered off at the Greek god’s bidding.

What am I talking about? Three of tallest, leanest god-like men came to lop the trees today at my home. They were mighty fine to look at and awfully polite. It made me wish I had made some sort of effort to change out of the 4 sizes too large shorts and torn t-shirt I wearing. But there is it…I didn’t…but I did take the socks off I had on my feet. Yes, it is summer here but my feet were cold…cold feet warm arse….or something like that.

So while the gods went off to cut and manhandle branches, I went to see the vampires about possible access to their yard should the gods need to get all manly and leap the fence in a single bound. The vampires are my next door neighbours. I have never seen them ever in the 9 years I have been at this house. Never. I do however hear the squeaking of the washing trolley at night as they hang their washing on the clothes line. Hence why I have always assumed they were vampires.

Anyway, I wandered to their front door up some rickety old steps – you know, the sort where you just know your ever so dainty weight is going to go through them – and I knocked at the door. No answer. I knocked again. I heard scuttling. No answer. I gave it one more go. Nothing. Hmmm….do you know that feeling you get when you know someone is watching you? Yeah, I had that. So I went back to chez Amarinda and one of the gods approached. I told him it was negatory on speaking to the vampires. He was a little confused, so I explained the whole vampire deal to him. He was further confused by my explanation. He was gorgeous. He didn’t need to be smart.

So the three strapping blokes cut and sawed and chipped and luckily nothing fell into the vampire’s yard. Not that it would have mattered as I would have made sure it was cleaned up. As for the vampires themselves…people are strange. I’m strange. You’re strange. We are all strange to someone else. Although I have speculated as to what the story is next door, the thing is – it’s none of my business. If they do not want to associate with me or anyone else then so be it. Why should they? I can’t remember who said this quote but it’s very true….
’everyone is someone else’s weirdo.’
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