Monday, 12 January 2009

Monday Morning....

- wake up to Katrina and the Waves singing “Walking on Sunshine” on the radio alarm…am not…bugger off.
- Look at self in mirror – scary….wonder about term – ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’…maybe alcohol helps that.
- Swallow pills designed to speed me up
- Try password in computer 3 times – then 4 – 5th time works…good, can’t deal with computer people at 4:30am. Too many hard questions.
- Walk around the suburb for 30 mins telling myself that this is a good thing because this 30 minutes may extend my life by 30 or a least by the equivalent calories in a chocolate bar.
- Answer emails - ask questions, annoy people, read blogs
- Shower – why is my body not looking better after that 30 min walk?
- Wander around in towel for 20 minutes doing stuff
- Decide I cannot wear towel to work
- Look at possible work clothes
- Wander for another 10 minutes in towel
- Decide assassin black is always good for a Monday
- Found red and white socks – yay! Cannot wear Doc Martens without my magic socks
- Send part of current wip to work to continue writing there and make me look busy
- Checked Twanna La Fawn listing at P & E poll – 16 – not bad
- Make boring salad for lunch – feeling virtuous.
- Left home – drove out of driveway….did I lock up? Yes…no….yes…no…stop car and go back home and check…yes
- Park at work. Look at office. Go to coffee shop instead. Tall, skinny, double shot latte required
- At office – trapped for 8 hours - write, chat on line, answer occasional work question when unavoidable
- 4pm – knock off – okay it was 3:45pm but no one saw - spin wheels as I speed out of the car park
That was my day – how was yours?
If you have voted for Twanna – thank you. If not – please click on the link below and head down to the ‘L’s’. A vote for Twanna is a vote for all mankind. How so? Because we need more Twanna LaFawn’s in the world. Why? Because their shy, one could almost say ‘invisibility’ makes us reflect on the loudness of our lives…yes, complete crap but I am a writer….
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