Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Mad Season...

Is it just me or is everyone quite mad at the moment? I hear on the news that Palestinian and Israeli children are being considered collateral damage. I beg your pardon? Did I hear what I thought I heard? When did children become fodder in this stupid war over land and philosophy? What about the Aussie parents who fed their baby an ecstasy tablet and then they were allowed to have the baby back after it recovered from its coma. Parents. Baby. Ecstasy. What part of that of that sentence makes any sense? What about the dickheaded father who got drunk and then drove his child around on a motorbike. The cops caught him. He went to court and was disqualified from driving. He drove home from the court as complete Neanderthals will do. Or this one – someone has spent money on a report suggesting Brisbane City be called ‘Brisbane.’ Yes, that’s right - stuff spending money on the hospitals, transport and the homeless. Let’s spend $$$ on making a report suggesting we call a city already known as Brisbane…Brisbane. Freaking genius.

To add to this madness, its vote for me time in author land again. I had six vote for me emails in my inbox just this morning – and that’s not even counting facebook requests for votes. Who are these people? What books? Why would you email me? Why would I vote for a book I have never read? Or vote for a person who nominated themselves to be best whosie-ma-jigger-whats-it? Do you really want to win like that? Or is just something you can plonk on a writing resume? I think it’s great if you are legitimately nominated and fantastic and rewarding if your readers genuinely vote for you. But plaguing me with ‘vote for me’ emails when neither of us has heard of the other? Stop it. The finger I use to hit the delete button is getting strained.

But - in the spirit of this mad season, because it seemed appropriate, I have nominated Twanna La Fawn for her book Longer Lingering Lust in the Preditors and Editors poll. Who is Twanna you ask? Why, she is a citizen of the world. She is the every person writer who at times almost seems invisible as she is so much a part of all of us. Would I lie to you? Click below to make Twanna a star….she’s listed in the ‘L’s…
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