Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy Australia Day....

January 26th 1788 - a bunch of poms (British people) landed at Sydney Cove. It was the First Fleet – the first wave of British law enforcement transporting a mob of ne’re do-well convicts to Australian shores to serve out sentences due to their criminal actions. Some were bad buggers who had got caught doing the wrong thing. Others were victims of a system that just wanted to de-populate an already crowed country and since the US closed its gates to the transportation of convicts, the British government had to look further a field.

Some of my ancestors came willingly. They wanted a new and better life. Others came in chains while some came with stories that didn’t make sense and to this day we still wonder about – she did what? How? And with a baby? Who was the father? Huh? What sea captain? A Spy? What the? However they arrived, or for what reason, I’m just glad they did.

Maybe it was a strange way to found a country but I think we’re better for it – maybe it’s our distance from other countries that sets a part as being unique, plain spoken and irreverent – not to mention good looking, charming and modest. Maybe it’s our convict heritage. Maybe we like who we are and we don’t give a rat’s arse what others think – I’m not sure. But I am bloody glad my ancestors left Blighty (Britain) – either in chains or of their own accord – because Australia is the best country in the word. Yeah, I’ve travelled the world and I have seen stuff but the sky is more blue, the sun more dazzling and the stars more sparkling down under. I would never live anywhere else.

From the land that brought you Hugh Jackman and chateau cardboard…Happy Australia Day.

This is a fun song and yeah the clip is ancient but it’s still a bloody good – click

I love Australia. There is no place like home.
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