Friday, 2 January 2009

Dirty, filthy, naughty….

Who me? Yes, apparently so. It has been explained to me that anyone who writes erotic romance will go to hell. Well first up, I was going there anyway. Secondly, I never base my beliefs or thoughts on the hypocritical bullshit of others.

So there I was getting told, in less than subtle language, that erotic romance is not true romance and that the people who write it cannot write real romance. Hmmm…I reckon that’s a pretty big call. What is this knowledge based on? The Doomsday Book? The laws of the Magna Carta? The philosophy of Socrates? Written on the wall of the ladies powder room? From a fortune cookie? No – just good old fashioned dyed in the wool prejudice. Yes – everyone has a right to an opinion just as everyone can say yes or no to a particular type of book genre. And have an opinion by all means and if you must inflict it on others don’t expect everyone to agree.

So - are erotic romance writers filthy? No. We shower every day – sometimes twice – depends on water restrictions I guess. Are we depraved? Depraved meaning wicked? Yes, some of us are very, very wicked and we like it. Are we naughty? Only every alternate day and it depends on chocolate supply and how the hormones are running. Can erotic romance writers write real romance? Well of course they can. They use a computer. It’s very easy.

Life, as we know is not just about missionary sex with the lights out. The thing is romantic sex has been around this Billy was a pup (Aussie for a very long time). People like it. They’ve discovered babies come from sex. No really, I heard it the other day. Forget all about the stork thing. Sex is out there and we have to deal with it. Yes, you can avert your eyes and no one would think any less of you. You can say ‘oh no, I will not buy the smutty book with the half nekkid couple on the front.’ That’s your right. Or you can look and ponder and wonder how he could possibly get the leverage to do that to her and can I try that at home without pulling a muscle?

Okay – so that’s sex, now to love. People fall in love. Songs are written about it, florists thrive on selling roses and white weddings are always happening. So, let’s add sex to love. Pretty obvious huh? So then put those two concepts in a book where the hero and heroine are wildly attracted to one another and fall in love. They are so attracted that they make love…you know because they are in love. Is there a problem with that? Is she not supposed to have sex with him? Ever? Is it forbidden to read stuff like that? If so where is that written? In the small print on the back of the cereal box?

The thing that interests me is that there is a clear market for erotic romance. So why do wowsers or some non erotic romance writers get their knickers in a twist over the morality of it? I write mainstream romance and erotic romance. Is that like having an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other? Am I only half bad? The thing is we have so many people running around telling us what to do that I say - back off Betty and let us at least choose the books we read or write. How does mine or anyone else’s choices make any difference to a wowser?
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