Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The perfect man....

So, we were talking at work about what essential characteristics make up the perfect man and does the perfect man exist? And - as an author am I perpetuating a stereotype and therefore making woman want something they cannot have? My response is women aren’t that stupid and romance books equal fantasy and women are too smart to believe it’s anything but. The perfect man does not exist. It’s as simple as that. We can wish on a star for him to appear but that last time I checked, the world doesn’t work that way. Though, if the star wishing thing has changed then let me know.

Yes, yes. I can rabbit on about George Clooney and Hugh Jackman but they have flaws. I’m sure of it. George probably snores and Hugh most likely belches the alphabet after eating. I’m not sure of course but all men seem to have a fascination for belching…why is that? Anyway, my point is neither man is perfect. Sure they’re drop dead gorgeous to look at but like everyone, what’s under the surface is more important.

The same with romance novels, Anyone But You sold very well but the main response from readers was that Mercardo - the hero - started out as a playboy jerk and it was only through being with Verity that made him a better man. Women saw that. A pretty face and a hot body only turns your head for a moment - after that, women want more and they are prepared to work around the flaws to get it. I was glad readers were astute enough to see what a dipstick Mercardo was and could have continued to be without the influence of a strong woman.

So no, I’m not perpetuating the ‘perfect man’ myth because every man I write about is flawed and if you like the heroine de-flaws him. No different to real life. Women civilize men. It impossible for any man to be perfect and those who wait for Mr Right are going to be waiting a bloody long time. Better I think to go with Mr-very-close-to –being-right. You can work on him then. Think of it as a project. It can be fun. And no, that’s no 1950’s housewife ideal. That’s fact. Women want men but on their terms and they’re prepared to work until they get what they want. Why settle for less?

As for the existence of the perfect man – no – he’s like Yeti – occasionally glimpsed but basically just some guy dressing up in a hairy suit – probably belching and scratching his arse.

Men – fascinating creatures.

So are woman perfect? Yes. And no, I don’t have to justify it – we just are.

Okay – that’s it for today – I have 250 business cards to attached to the most luscious smelling organic candles…yes, it’s all happening at Chez Amarinda.
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