Wednesday, 7 January 2009

I wonder...I ponder....

Can you write a book on a subject you only know a bit about? Yes? No? Maybe? Why do I ask? Well, I have been reading various blogs and talking to other authors about genres - what sells - what doesn't - what's hot and should you follow that trend? The answers are mixed. Following a trend is very tempting as you see others who had been successful at it. It also makes sense. But what if you have no idea what that genre is really about? For example, I would no more write shape shifter romance as I really don't think I would be good at it as I don’t like animals. I don't hate them. I just don't understand them and I think you need that empathy to write about animals turning into men and the emotions that evokes. Jumping on a genre trend makes me wonder how successful you can be if you don’t know or don’t understand. Does that come across in your writing?

Then there is the thing of whether you are doing it because everyone else is? Then I have to wonder if we all think that way is there going to be a glut of one particular genre that the readers will think - boring. To me, writing is a balancing act between what you feel and what is popular. I know an author who wrote an excellent erotic romance under a pen name. She will not write another. Why not? She was not comfortable with the genre. The book was successful and people asked for more. But I guess it just depends how far you will sell your soul. I admire her stance.

I personally believe you should write what you know. Write from the heart. Write what you have lived - if you don’t, can your book credible? Yes romance is fantasy but can you get by on the fantasy idea of what you think someone does or thinks?

Other than those ponderings, the highlight of my day was eating a particularly nice, crunchy Asian salad...yes, très exciting…so email me if you have an opinion...on the genre thing...or if you want to on the salad thing. I'm not fussy either way.
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